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A SimTek fence can help boost your St. Louis home’s value

SimTek Fencing Products

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If you want to keep your little corner of St. Louis secure while boosting your home’s value, a SimTek fence is worth taking a look. SimTek fence has the look and feel of a real granite wall, but has the easy installation and maintenance-free beauty of wood-free fencing.

SimTek brand fencing is made from polyethylene, which is the same type of plastic used to make Little Tikes™ playground equipment. This material has several key advantages: Read More

Vinyl fence reviews to help you decide if a vinyl fence is right for your St. Louis area home

Vinyl Fence Reviews: How To Know If It’s Right For Your St. Louis Area Home

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If you are considering a vinyl fence for your home, yard, pool, or managed property, it pays to check out vinyl fence reviews to see what others are saying.

Trouble is, there is no one place to find vinyl fence reviews generally. But we did the hard work for you, unearthing dozens of online reviews and finding the common themes–and of course, we also talked with our own customers to see what they thought of their vinyl fencing from Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions. Read More

White vinyl fence with contemporary look surrounding a homes back yard

Navigating Vinyl Fence Costs – Is It Worth It?

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Many people who want a vinyl fence will ask us: “What does a vinyl fence cost?” Depending on the vinyl fence company, vinyl fence cost for installation varies on how much you need (in linear feet), what decorative features you want, and the average cost of labor for your area. This article will break down those costs and give you a rough estimate of what the average vinyl fence cost is.

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Backyard simulated stone fence surrounding a pool

Improve Your Home Value With A Simulated Stone Fence

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If you’re considering a new fence for your yard, you’ve probably looked at the usual choices: Wood, steel, chain link. But stone is one of the oldest fencing materials in the world, mostly because of its striking appearance, strength, and ability to protect your property. Today’s simulated stone fence offers all of this, but with easier installation and more value on the dollar.

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Fence For Your Dog

Seven Things to Consider When Getting a Fence for Your Dog

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Your dog offers you unconditional love and unwavering devotion. The best way to repay your best friend is to offer him freedom and security.

The right dog fence gives your pup a chance to run and play outside to his heart’s content – instead of always waiting for you to grab his leash. Even more important, it prevents him from running away and defends him against animals on the other side.

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DIY Projects

DIY Projects for the Home: Pros and Cons of Do It Yourself

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HGTV, DIY Network, and This Old House have inspired rehabber wannabe’s to keep the hammers and nails to themselves. From gutting bathrooms to installing cabinets, homeowners are deciding not to hand off the handiwork to the professionals and instead are managing their own DIY projects. Read More

Fence Installation Tips

Fence Installation Tips for Do-It-Yourselfers

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Must-Know Fence Installation Tips

A better installation leads to a better fence. Proper fence installation is essential if you want to get the most for your investment. Fences that are not properly installed can create frustrating maintenance issues down the road and fail to look their best. With that fact in mind, we have put together this list of important fence installation tips for Do-It-Yourselfers. Read More

find the Best Value Fences

How to Find the Best Value Fences

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Where are the Best Value Fences?

Simple tips to get the most for your money

If you are about to start a fencing project and want to stretch your project budget a little further, it’s important that you find the best value fences available. These fences combine quality with affordability to save you money now and for years to come. As you start your search, look for these qualities to identify the best value fences out there: Read More

Affordable Vinyl Fences

Affordable Vinyl Fences for the DIY Guru

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Choosing Affordable Vinyl Fences

There are more options than ever

If you love to “do it yourself” affordable vinyl fences are a great option. Compared to alternative fencing options, namely stone and wood, low-cost fences made of vinyl or some other type of maintenance-free material simply work better in home and business improvement projects. If you are about to start your own fencing project here are a few reasons you should strongly consider affordable vinyl fences. Read More

what is Maintenance-Free Fencing

What is Maintenance-Free Fencing?

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A great alternative to a conventional fence

This is a common question and one that many people are confused by. Because while most people have an idea of what maintenance-free fencing is, they don’t realize how truly varied and versatile it can be. In order to answer all your questions about this exciting home and business improvement option, we have put together this simple guide. Read More

fixer upper

Five “Fixer Upper” Tips We Love from Chip and Joanna Gaines

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From their base in Texas, Chip and Joanna Gaines have inspired homeowners across the country to turn their outdated and boring abode into the home of their dreams. While many of us fantasize about living in Waco so Magnolia Homes and HGTV’s Fixer Upper can handle our home transformation, the majority of us are left to tackle renovations on our own. Read More

Durable Fencing solution

Why a Durable Fencing Solution Matters

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The Importance of Durable Fencing Solutions in St. Louis

An essential consideration when buying a new fence

When you are looking for a new fence in the St. Louis area, durability is probably not the criteria you’re most focused on. You want to find a fencing option that looks great, fits in with your property, and doesn’t break your budget. And while all of those are important to consider, going with durable fencing is just as important. Here’s why: Read More

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Backyard Landscaping Ideas to Welcome St. Louis Fall Weather

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For many St. Louisans, fall is a season to celebrate! With our beautiful fall colors and cozy sweatshirt weather, we flock to the outdoors to soak up every last sunny day before the chill of winter hits.

As a homeowner, you can easily turn your backyard into the ultimate destination for football watch parties, fire pit soirees, and Oktoberfest bashes. The right backyard landscaping ideas and autumn-inspired accents instantly dress up your yard for any event while giving it a visual pop you’ll enjoy every day of the week. Read More

maintenance-free fencing defined

Maintenance-Free Fencing Defined: Durability and Style

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Maintenance Free Fencing Defined

Hands-down, if you live in or around St. Louis, maintenance free fencing is the best investment you can make, now and into the future.

You may not have heard of maintenance free fencing before, but you have almost certainly seen it.  St. Louis, MO is big on maintenance-free fencing.  Take a ride around any neighborhood, and you are bound to see many maintenance-free fencing installations. Read More