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Dog Containment Options in St. Louis: How to Find a Pet Containment Fence

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43,346,000 households in America have dogs living with them. While there are many health benefits to owning a dog, such as lowered anxiety and helping to keep you fit and active, there are a lot of responsibilities as well.

One major priority as a dog owner is dog containment. Ensuring your dog can’t leave your yard using a dog containment system means your dog is always safe.

However, it’s not always easy choosing which dog containment systems are the best for your needs. There are both wireless and non-wireless options to choose from.

We want to help you make the right decision for both your home and your pet. Keep reading to learn how to find the right pet containment fence.

Why Dog Containment Needs to be a Priority

There are many good reasons why fences make for good neighbors. One of them is protecting your dog. While it may seem like dogs are the ones who protect us, we need to return the favor.

That’s because every year around two million dogs are stolen. Only 10% of the victims are lucky enough to be reunited with their beloved pets.

Potential Problems When Dogs Can Roam Freely

But that’s not the only concern dog owners should have. Outside of your yard, your dog is vulnerable to the following possible scenarios:

  • Being hit by a car
  • Pick up by animal control
  • Poisoned by strangers
  • Attacked by another animal
  • Exposed to diseases

Also, a fence can protect you from a potential lawsuit if your dog bites or attacks a person or another animal. A dog containment fence means peace of mind.

Best Dog Containment Systems

You have several options when it comes to containing your dog, such as:

  • A wireless pet containment system
  • Wired dog fences
  • Physical fences

Each one has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Physical vinyl and aluminum fences

There are a lot of reasons to invest in a physical fence, such as vinyl fencing St. Louis, then just containing your dog. Not only will a physical fence contain your dog, but anything else as well.

There are also tons of choices in physical fencing to choose from. You should always consider both the height and material before investing in a fence from an outdoor fence company.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Physical Fence

If you own a medium to large-sized dog, you should get a physical fence that’s at least four to five feet tall, such as an aluminum fence. This height prevents dogs from jumping over the fence and escaping.

Higher fences from St. Louis fence companies also provide more security and privacy for you and your family. If you have small children, knowing they’re also safe and away from prying eyes and traffic thanks to a physical fencing system is priceless.

Not All Physical Fences are a Great Choice for Dogs

If you’re investing in a physical pet containment fence, find fence companies in St. Louis area who will install a fence that’s low to the ground. This will prevent your dog from being able to burrow under it.

If you’re investing in a picket fence, make sure the space between each picket is small enough that your dog can’t wiggle through it.

While it may seem like a good idea to save on costs, it’s worth it to spend a little more money on an aluminum or vinyl fence. Cheap wooden fences can potentially break apart easily, and some dogs have been known to climb up chain link fences.

Wood vs Vinyl Fences - Cost Compared Over Time

Wood vs Vinyl Fences - Value Compared Over Time

What to Consider When Investing in a Physical Fence

Physical dog containment fences are financial investments with plenty of benefits besides containing your dog. Fences help keep children safe, look great, and add extra privacy and security to any home.

It’s important to remember that even with a pet containment fence, you still need to ensure your dog gets plenty of physical exercises on a daily basis. A fence isn’t a treadmill, but it is the perfect excuse to play catch with your dog without worrying the ball will roll into traffic.

A physical fence can help upgrade the aesthetics of your home while containing your dog, but it doesn’t let you off the hook for properly training your dog to behave responsibly.

Benefits of a Dog Containment Vinyl or Aluminum Fence

Dog containment fences made from vinyl or aluminum not only look great but they make a great investment. There’s very little maintenance required. Usually just hosing down the fence makes it look like brand new.

Vinyl and aluminum pet containment fences are also affordable, especially when compared to other types of fencing. They are flexible in that they fit in perfectly with any style of home and with any type of landscaping.

Installation is easy. And the best part, these fences come with a lifetime warranty making them an investment that will last long after your kids have grown up and left home.

Wireless Dog Fences

A wireless dog containment fence works by a transmitter that creates a circular field. Upon stepping out of those bounds, the dog receives an electric stimulation.

Through repetition and training, your dog learns to stay inside the boundary field.

Wireless systems work best for homes where you can center the field on your property. You need to be careful that a wireless system won’t restrict your dog’s movement if you have an odd-shaped or small yard.

Wired Dog Fences

Here’s what to expect when you invest in a wired dog containment fence:

  • You build a perimeter using a wire antenna you bury in your yard
  • You keep a transmitter in your garage that generates the perimeter boundary signal and monitors the wire’s continuity
  • Your dog wears the receiver collar
  • If the perimeter is crossed, the dog receives a corrective stimulation

Your dog learns not to cross the boundaries of the perimeter through negative reinforcement. This system offers great flexibility in that you create the boundaries of the perimeter in any shape or size that you wish.

You can even enclose certain areas in your yard you don’t want your dog accessing, like your garden or tool shed.

Pros and Cons of a Wired and/or Wireless Containment System

While some people may balk at the idea of giving their beloved pet a shock, it’s very minimal and 100% safe. Most pet owners use these types of fences for the following reasons:

  • Cheaper than physical fencing
  • No maintenance necessary
  • Easier to install over physical fences

You can install a wireless or wired fence yourself, even if you aren’t technically adept.

The downside of these systems is that they don’t keep animals or humans off your property which could result in a dog fight where your dog could get hurt, or worse yet, where someone could steal your dog. Nor do they provide you with any privacy.

Wireless and Wired Fences Come with Additional Features

Wireless and wired dog containment fences come with options, such as lightning protection, battery back up, and an audible line-break warning. It’s important to understand these features before you choose which system to invest in.

Lightning Protection

Both wireless and wired systems work by generating electric fields. With a wired system, it’s done from an antenna or ground wire. With a wireless system, it’s done via a transmitter.

Both dog containment systems are powered through your home’s AC current. That makes it vulnerable to power surges.

A power surge protects your unit from lightning and even the buildup of static electricity that shows up in the atmosphere during storms. Lightning protection ensures your system always works. That means you don’t have to worry about the system failing, which leaves your dog free to wander outside the perimeter.

Battery Back-up

Even with lightning protection, both systems can still fail. A back-up power source means the system always remains operational.

It’s a good precaution to make to ensure your pet stays safe, especially when you’re not there to monitor them.

Audible Line Break Warning

An audible line break warning alerts you that the system isn’t working properly in a wired system. That way, you don’t have to feel you need to constantly and closely monitor your dog containment system.

That’s because wired systems work in a closed-loop. If that loop or wire breaks, the system fails. This device allows you to use simple AM radio to both identify and fix the problem.

How to Find the Best Containment System for Your Dog

Now that you know the upside and downside to each type of containment system, it’s time to make your choice. Once you know which system you’d like to invest in, you can find where to buy it.

Ask Other Pet Owners

If you have friends, family or neighbors who use a pet containment system that you like, ask them where they bought it from. Don’t forget to ask them what they like best and least about the fencing they invested in.

Shop Locally and Online

You can shop for wireless and wired systems online. But for a physical fence, you’ll want to work with a local business.

Do a local Google search for dog containment systems near me. Check out their Google Business Listing. Look at their reviews to make sure other customers are happy with their work.

Click on their website to make sure it looks professional and contains good information.

Ask Questions

Pick up the phone or head to the local fencing company to ask them questions. If it’s a physical fence, you’ll want more information about the various choices in materials.

If it’s a non-physical fence, ask about ease of installation and whether you’ll be provided with support if you need help with troubleshooting.

Find out about costs, including ongoing maintenance costs. See if the work comes with a warranty or guarantee.

Ask us About Our Most Popular Pet Fences

Vinyl Pet Fences

  • 48” high Baron (3” wide pickets with 2-15/16” spacing) to contain medium and large size dogs – White
  • 48” high Princeton (1-½” wide pickets with 1-¾” spacing) to contain small dogs – White

Aluminum Pet Fences

  • 48” high Residential grade EFF-20 Aluminum (⅝” square pickets with 3-13/16” spacing) to contain medium and large size dogs – Matte Black
  • 48” high Residential grade EFF-25 Aluminum (⅝” square pickets with 1-⅝” spacing) to contain small dogs – Matte Black

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