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Which Pool Fence Do Your Friends and Neighbors Prefer?

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Having a fence around your pool is just as crucial as having chlorine. A pool fence helps keep unwanted swimmers out and young children in. A pool without a fence is just a liability. Pools look better with a fence around them, and they give you privacy from nosy neighbors and street traffic. If you plan to add a pool, find out which four fence options are the most popular in St. Louis.

Essential Considerations for a Pool Fence

Before we dive into specific choices, we must consider a few factors that may affect your final selection.

  1. First, fencing regulations vary from county to county, which may mean your top choice is not permitted by law. Be sure to check if you are subject to any prohibitions.
  2. Second, your neighbor or home association may also have rules about fences. These rules are just as binding, and breaking them can be costly. Finally, any fence you put up becomes a part of your home aesthetic. Consider how it will look, not just around your pool but about everything else on your property.

Top 4 Swimming Pool Fences in St. Louis

At Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions, we have sold and installed a LOT of pool fences over the last 30 years. These are the ones that have proved to be the most popular in terms of both looks and utility:

Several pool fences are available, including vinyl, aluminum, steel, and composite. The most popular pool fences we install are vinyl and aluminum because they are best-in-value while offering excellent esthetics for your property, safety for your family, and security for your home.

Aluminum Fence for Pools

54″ 3 Rail Residential Grade Aluminum

This type of fence imitates the look of wrought iron but is less expensive and easier to maintain. Plus, since the pool is surrounded but not obscured, you can keep an eye on swimmers without being right next to the pool. The most popular styles are EFS-10, EFS-15, EFF-20, EFF-25.

Commercial Grade Aluminum Pool Fence

48″ Commercial Grade Aluminum 2 Rail Lifegard

This style is trendy at apartment complexes and commercial pools because it meets the 1996 Bocca pool code standards.

New Lexington Vinyl Privacy Fence

Lexington Vinyl Privacy Pool Fence 6′

If you want to swim privately, this is the fence for you. It offers a clean, straightforward design that does not permit anyone to peek in. Vinyl is a highly durable material requiring no maintenance over the fence’s lifetime.

Monarch Vinyl Pool Fence

48” Contemporary Vinyl Pool Fences

This style of fence does not offer the privacy of the previous entry, but it is much more stylish. You can be sure that you’re upgrading the look of your entire property when you put one of these fences in. The most popular looks include Baron, Countess, Monarch, and Princeton.

What are the Best Fences for Pools?

Hands down, we believe the best fences for pools are CertainTeed Bufftech® Vinyl Fence Products and Elite Aluminum Fence Products.

Vinyl Fencing

Certainteed Bufftech® vinyl fences offer long-lasting beauty, great performance, and the best in value and protection when considering a pool fence. These fences come in an array of sophisticated styles, authentic finishes, and complementary colors that outlast the competition.

Certainteed pool fences have fade-resistant colors and steel reinforced rails to ensure a long-lasting installation, and they back their products with one of the best warranties.

Aluminum Fencing

Elite Fence Products residential aluminum fences are one of the best fences for pools.  Fences by Elite are engineered for a unique style and maximum strength.

Their aluminum fences are available in nine standard styles and colors: black, white, quaker bronze, walnut brown, beige, Hartford green, sandstone, matte black, and matte quaker bronze.    Elite offers self-closing and self-latching gate hardware, both great safety features for a swimming pool fence.

Composite Fencing

Certainteed’s Simulated Stone and Wood Fences are made with proprietary materials and a patented construction. We refer to these fences as “The Greatest Looking Fences on the Planet” due to their fantastic beauty.

Certainteed’s Allegheny offers the beauty of stone fencing, while the Sherwood offers authentic woodgrain textures, both bringing a realistic appearance and superior performance. For the best in pool fencing, you can count on Certainteed for privacy, security, and safety.

Vinyl Pool Fencing

The Bufftech® Comtemporary Baron fence is really good choice for a pool fence.   With a 3″ wide picket and 2 15/16″ spacing, the Baron is a very strudy and durable style of vinyl fence to satisfy your pool fence needs.  This fence meets pool code in heights of 4, 5, and 6 foot options with lots of beautiful colors and textures.

Aluminum Pool Fencing

Elite Fence Products offer superior fencing aand is the best of the three recommendations we have for a dog fence.  The Elite EFF-20 aluminum residential grade fence (most popular) for pets offers aesthetic beauty and great protection for your property and loved ones alike.    This fence comes in many popular colors and features alike.

Composite Pool Fencing

Certainteed’s Allegheny simulated stone and Sherwood simulated wood fencing models offer authentic textures.  These privacy fences are popular for pool owners, meet pool code in 4′, 6, and even 8′ (stackable) heights, steel reforced panels, and are graffiti-resistant. They also come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Why Consider Vinyl over Wood for Pools?

Vinyl Pool Fencing

  • Maintenance free
  • Extremely durable
  • It does not need painting or staining
  • It doesn’t chip or fade
  • Resistant to termites or insects

Wood Pool Fencing

  • Requires lots of maintenance
  • Subject to rotting, peeling, and sagging
  • Requires ongoing painting or staining
  • Splinters and cracks depending on climate
  • Susceptible to termite and insect damage

What Are the Pool Fence Requirements and Regulations in St. Louis?

There’s no federal law on pool fencing. Instead, pool fence decisions are made at the state and local levels. By state law, every pool in Missouri must be surrounded by a fence or other structure. However, because local regulations vary, you should check with your county government to determine what pool fence requirements apply to your St. Louis neighborhood.

HouseLogic, a National Association of Realtors publication, has compiled a helpful list of features every pool fence should have based on prevailing state laws and guidance from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). According to this guidance, all pool fences should be:

  • At least 4 ft. or taller
  • Impossible for children to climb
  • Gated w/self-closing, self-latching gates that open away from the pool

Although some homeowners opt for a solid privacy fence, many prefer a fence featuring vertical bars. In most states and localities, the space between the vertical bars cannot exceed 4 inches. If you need help deciding which type of pool fence is best for you?

Our pool fence experts will guide you.

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Are Pool Fence Materials Regulated In St. Louis?

Although not typically as regulated as other features of pool fencing, fence material is critical to the safety and durability of your pool fence. For this reason, the CPSC recommends that pool fences be permanent and resistant to the elements and physical damage.

Wooden fences have long been a popular choice for pool fences, but they can quickly rot and are much more susceptible to physical damage (and there’s no shortage of water around a pool, after all).

Chain link fences, while permissible with some restrictions in many areas, are generally unattractive and prone to corrosion.

Unlike wood and chain links, however, alternative fencing materials like vinyl, aluminum, ornamental steel, and even simulated stone are highly resistant to the elements and reinforced for maximum protection from physical damage.

Many of these materials are coated for protection against fading, too.

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