Vinyl vs. Aluminum Fencing – What’s the Difference?

Vinyl Privacy Fence Around Yard

Should You Go with a Vinyl Fence or an Aluminum Fence?

Find the fence that best fits your property. Your choice of fencing materials has a big impact on your overall fencing project. The materials will affect how much you pay, how the fence looks, how long it lasts, and how much upkeep it requires. Two of the best options are vinyl and aluminum, and CertainTeed and Elite are both leaders in these categories. To help you decide on one or the other we have examined both fencing types based on the criteria that matter most:


If your goal it to give your outdoor space some privacy vinyl is your best bet. There are options available that leave no space at all between the slats, giving you even more privacy than you would get with a wood fence.

White Vinyl Fence

If you prefer a more open feel, however, aluminum is a great choice. You can fence in your yard but still maintain your view of the surrounding area.

Aluminum Fence


Aluminum wins out in this category. The material is lightweight but still able to stand up to a lot of weight and abuse. Vinyl is no slouch, but it can’t quite match the strength of aluminum. But if you want the strongest option available you might consider an ornamental steel fence over both options.


This really depends on the specific fencing product or style you select. In some cases vinyl is less expensive and in other cases aluminum saves you more. What is important is to consider lifetime costs. You may pay more for a product at the front end, but if it can meet more of your needs for longer it will ultimately deliver better value than a cheaper product.


This one is also a tie because both of these materials require little if any maintenance over the long term. They do not require any repainting and restraining, they stand up to the elements, and unlike wood they are impervious to bugs and mold. With either option your fence continues to look great and function great for longer without requiring you to invest more money or labor.


It all depends on what kind of look you are going for. If you like the classic look of wrought iron, aluminum fencing is a great choice. If you want to emulate the look of wood then go with vinyl. If color is your priority you are likely to find more flexibility with aluminum, but vinyl is better at mimicking textures. In either case your outdoor space is going to look great.

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Whichever you decide, count on Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions

Whether investing in vinyl or aluminum fencing for your home or business, count on us. We carry Bufftech Vinyl Fencing and Elite Aluminum Fencing; both of which are industry leaders. If you are still trying to make up your mind, visit our showroom to browse all the options. It’s a lot easier to make a choice when you can actually inspect the materials up close. Until then, download our free ebook to learn about all your exciting options for maintenance-free fencing, decking, and railing too!

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