Vinyl Fence Styles & Colors to Complement Your St. Louis Home

Vinyl Fence Styles

The right accessory can pull your entire look together instantly. Outfitting your St. Louis home with the right vinyl fencing shouldn’t be any different. Choosing from vinyl fence styles takes more than just picking the first option in a catalog. You need to consider each fence’s color, design, and accessories to ensure it complements, rather than distracts from, your home.

Vinyl Fence Styles and Classifications

As a CertainTeed Bufftech vinyl fencing contractor in St. Louis, Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions offers homeowners a team of design and sales staff members who can guide you toward a fence that adds instant curb appeal. And even more important, retains its good looks year after year.

Our wide range of inventory allows you to choose the right style and color to fully accent the unique features of your home and yard. Choose from the following styles:

Privacy Style suits the homeowner that is looking to enclose a patio space or protect a pool. This style comes in a variety of textures, and ColorLast fade protected colors.

Contemporary Style falls in our “more affordable fencing option,” and is commonly the most popular style in our inventory. Homeowners are able to choose the height as well as the color that best accents a home’s exterior design.

Traditional Style accents homes with the old-fashioned American craftsmanship to showcase timeless, elegant features and bring a nostalgic feel.

Semi-Privacy Style combines some of the features of the Privacy Style without the closed-in feeling. This style is commonly chosen to enclose yards for pet safety, garden landscaping, and patio enclosures.

Classic Style brings elegant, sophistication to any home with its vertical picket design. It even pleases your neighbors with the same appearance on both sides.

Post & Rail Style offers state of the art technology for both versatility and durability. This secure, lock ring technology and painted wood texture accents any yard.

Vinyl Fence Styles

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When Choosing Vinyl Fence Options…

Keep these five points in mind:

Have That Conversation With Your HOA

Before making the big move, find out the regulations in your community. Homeowners Association (HOA) rules vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. For instance, one HOA may require all homes to have vinyl privacy fencing of a certain height and fence design, while another may not allow you to locate your fence beyond the back corners of your home. Knowing what’s expected of you can quickly limit your choices. Learn more: “Requesting HOA Approval with Smart Communication Tips.”

Coordinate with Your Trim

For an easy choice, stick with a fence color that matches the trim of your home. For instance, if you have a dark gray house with white trim, a white vinyl fence makes the gray look less severe and adds the perfect level of balance to your property.

Go Big and Bold

Just like a statement necklace kicks up a simple dress or a patterned tie dresses up a basic suit, one option is to go for a fence that attracts attention.

Choose a privacy fence with eye-catching design options like concave tops and decorative posts or a contemporary fence in an unexpected shade, like Arctic Blend blue. You can even choose one color for your fence sections and a deeper, bolder color for your posts.

Consider Your Home Design

A white privacy fence to guard a traditional Cape Cod or Colonial style home can look stark. It may be better to go with an airy picket fence style or a privacy fence in gray to play up the darker roof and shutters. A Post & Rail or darker colored fence pairs perfectly with a ranch house, especially with the rustic accents and porch posts so popular these days.

Enhance Your Landscaping

While coordinating your fence to your home is important, so is complimenting your landscape. If you’re proud of your colorful English flower garden, a white fence as a backdrop can make the colors pop. If your property backs up to the woods or a park, a vinyl fence in a rich wood shade can extend your living space into nature.

For more insider landscaping tips, explore these posts: “Modern Backyard Design Ideas: Living in 2016” and “Popular Landscape Ideas to Accentuate Your Yard.

Vinyl Fence Styles to Start Outfitting Your St. Louis Home

As your St. Louis vinyl fencing company, Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions offers a full line-up of the most popular fence styles and colors on the market – and some of the most unique options for those with a taste for the nontraditional. We are proud to offer the homes and businesses in our community with quality, maintenance-free products and the highest level of customer service.

If you’re ready to hang up your restaining brush, or just ready to make an upgrade to your home, our team of fencing experts are standing by to guide you through your options. We’ll help you find a vinyl fence style that complements your home and fits your personal style!


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