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Specializing in fence supplies since 1994.

With three decades of dedicated service since 1994, Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions, Inc. is the authoritative fence supply store in the St. Louis metropolitan area. With an A+ BBB Rating and a stellar 4.8 Google rating, our reputation is built on expertise, quality, and exceptional customer service.

We’ve facilitated thousands of fencing projects for DIY homeowners and professional contractors, offering various premium fencing supplies, including vinyl, aluminum, steel, and composite options.  In addition to fence supplies, our online and local warehouse also offers deck, rail, and lighting supplies.

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Access the best inventory of maintenance-free vinyl, aluminum, steel, and composite products from top American brands. Schedule a free estimate or visit our showroom to view our extensive fencing collection in person. We’re here to get you everything you need for a new fence that enhances any property. As a family-owned local fence store, we stand behind the durability and quality of everything we sell and install.

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Not only do we provide high-caliber fence supply from industry-leading brands, but we also offer unparalleled insights into local fencing regulations and permit requirements. This ensures you navigate your project seamlessly, adhering to municipal codes while achieving your aesthetic and functional goals. Our comprehensive services simplify the buying process, eliminating the need for tedious comparison shopping. Instead, you receive top-notch supplies at competitive prices and the information you need for a successful installation.

Whether you’re a contractor requiring specialized vinyl fence posts or a homeowner aiming for a particular vinyl fence style, look no further. Contact us at 636-464-1144 or shop fence supplies online to discover how we can make your next fencing, decking, or lighting project a resounding success.

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Hear from our previous customers who found shopping for fencing easy peasy at MFOS.

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Compare us to any other fence supply store near St. Louis, and you’ll see why we stand out; we consistently offer unparalleled value and exceptional service. Regardless of your fence supply needs, expertise is crucial. When you collaborate with our knowledgeable team, you can confidently complete your project on time and within budget.

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We Serve the St Louis Metropolitan Area

With its vibrant neighborhoods and historic city homes, we recognize the importance of choosing a fence supply store that can help you get the proper fencing for your home or business. We are within 20 miles of most cities around the St. Louis metropolitan area.

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American-made fence brands

After thoroughly researching many maintenance-free fencing brands, we stock and recommend only the best, most reliable products in our fence supply store.

Curb the endless hours of comparing fencing brands, and spend your time choosing the fencing material, fence style, and color that creates the look you’ve been dreaming of. With Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions, you can wide selection and endless options from only the best fence supply manufacturers – and each one includes an industry-leading warranty you can’t find through other stores or brands.

Ameristar Fence Products
Bufftech Vinyl Fencing
Elite Fence Products
Barrette Outdoor Living

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As St. Louis’ largest fence supply store, Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions is your definitive resource, offering a wide selection of premium fencing materials and expert consultation.

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Our seasoned fencing specialists are at your service to guide you through everything from product selection to city ordinances and permits.

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Beyond mere supplies, we provide invaluable insights to make your DIY projects successful, eliminating the hidden costs associated with inferior materials and maintenance. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking a customized aesthetic or a contractor needing robust, industry-leading supplies, we deliver unparalleled value.

Vinyl Fence Supplies

Vinyl Fence Supply

Shop premium quality when considering vinyl fence supply options for your home or business. At Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions, we have cemented our expertise in this sector with 30 years of unparalleled service across the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

Our vinyl fencing options are meticulously curated to offer a range of styles, colors, and designs, each designed to complement your architecture and satisfy your specific needs seamlessly. Beyond mere durability and weather resistance, our vinyl fencing products stand out for their minimal maintenance requirements.

Unlike wood, they won’t rot, crack, or need repainting over time. From privacy and semi-privacy fences to contemporary picket styles, our vinyl fencing establishes robust security, contains pets, elevates curb appeal, and boosts your property’s resale value. Delve into our selection and actualize your dream outdoor space today; superior quality and variety await you.

Aluminum Fence Supplies

Aluminum Fence Supply

Demand unequivocal excellence in your fencing choices, tailored not just for utility but for elevating your property’s aesthetic. At Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions, we provide aluminum fence supplies that epitomize a harmonious blend of strength, style, and function. Our range includes residential to industrial-grade aluminum solutions featuring top-tier brands like Ameristar.

Beyond mere utility, our aluminum fences exhibit ornamental designs, rivaling the beauty of wrought iron without the demanding maintenance. Choose from a palette of colors—black, bronze, or white—to harmonize with your home’s exterior and landscape.

Our expertise spans 30 years, delivering enduring materials that withstand the elements and enhance your property’s security and resale value. Trust in our aluminum fencing options to infuse sophistication and tangible value into your St. Louis property, all while assuring affordability and resistance to rust and corrosion.

Explore our options; the superior choice for aluminum fencing is evident.

Steel Fence Supplies

Steel Fence Supply

Look no further than our extensive range of ornamental steel fence supplies for those seeking a potent blend of aesthetic appeal and enduring strength. We are the foremost steel fence supply provider in the St. Louis region, and we are incredibly proud to feature Ameristar, the world’s largest manufacturer of ornamental steel fencing.

We focus on the aesthetic refinement of modern fence products without compromising strength and durability. The state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly manufacturing facility produces top-notch residential, commercial, and industrial-grade fencing, including unique designs. It finishes like black or bronze, which exudes a wrought iron look.

Whether you’re a homeowner seeking to elevate your property’s aesthetic value or a professional contractor needing industrial-grade fencing materials, our ornamental steel options offer elegance and resilience. Engineered with innovative rail designs that adapt to various terrains and a fusion-welded construction topped with a protective E-Coat finish, these fences stand the test of time and elements with minimal maintenance.

Explore our steel fencing supply selection today for unparalleled quality and variety.

Composite Fence Supplies

Composite Fence Supply

Composite fence supplies are your cost-effective solution for those yearning for the tranquil appeal of traditional stone fencing but deterred by the steep costs. At Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions, Inc., we offer an unparalleled range of composite fence supplies that replicate the aesthetic and durability of natural stone and wood grain, thanks to advanced polyethylene technology.

These fences are impact and fade-resistant and boast thermal stability and soundproofing qualities. With products like Certainteed and SimTek in our inventory, you get the look and feel of granite and timber without extravagant costs or maintenance headaches.

Made in the U.S., these composite fences also resist graffiti and weather elements, making them ideal for residential and commercial applications. So, if you’re a homeowner captivated by the allure of composite stone or wood or a contractor looking for robust and visually stunning options, look no further.

We’re your go-to source for composite fence supplies. Explore our offerings and transform your outdoor space seamlessly.

Often asked questions about buying fence supplies

How do you compare to big box fencing supply stores?

When shopping for fencing materials in St. Louis, you want a supplier that can source, design and install your dream fence at a price that fits your budget.

A big box store may offer low prices, but the types of fences they carry are subpar and your “sales expert” may be someone they pulled from the garden department. A basic fence company may offer a decent fence, but contract their installation services out to a company you don’t know.

Instead of shopping around, make your first and only stop Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions, a top fence company in St. Louis  recognized for superior quality and incredible customer service!

What Type of Fence Is Most Expensive?

According to HomeAdvisor, wrought iron fencing is typically the most expensive. Material costs are usually around $30 per foot with $10 per foot in installation costs.

After that is aluminum and steel fences, these durable types usually run homeowners about $26 per foot in material costs and around $10+ in labor costs.

Then there’s vinyl fencing at a national average of $17 for materials and $7 for labor per foot—tied with wood at a total cost of $12 for materials and $12 for labor.

However, it’s important to remember that maintenance-free types (vinyl, steel, aluminum) last significantly longer than cheaper options like wood and require far less maintenance.

At MFOS, we don’t price gauge, so you get the fairest pricing a quality company can offer.

What Fence Material Lasts the Longest?

Wrought iron fences last the longest out of all fencing materials. A well-built and adequately installed wrought iron fence can easily last a lifetime with the proper care and upkeep. For those less cared for, you can expect 60+ years of integrity.

Aluminum and steel fences won’t last quite as long—usually around 30 to 40 years and up to 50. Vinyl fences come in at about 20 to 30 years.

The most common fence type, wood, actually has the shortest lifespan of 15 to 20 years. That being said, wood requires significantly more upkeep than nearly any other fence type. Homeowners need to clean and repaint or stain every three years for the most extended lifespan. That’s not necessary for other material types.

What to consider before purchasing a fence?

If you’ve been on the edge about whether or not to start your own fencing project, making just a few decisions can help point you in the right direction:

  1. What should be my first step? Your initial step should be to find out if installing a fence is even allowed by your homeowner’s association (HOA). A growing number of HOA’s in St. Louis are placing strict requirements on the height and style of fences they’ll allow in their neighborhoods. Be sure to read your by-laws carefully, and if required, secure approval from the board before breaking ground. The last thing you want to do is invest in a fence only to have to tear it down after installation.
  2. What purpose do I want the fence to serve? Consider whether you need privacy, security for pets or children, noise reduction, decoration, or a defined boundary line. Want to have an open view of the neighborhood but still keep your pets and kids safe? Then consider a spaced picket or “picket thru” rail option that is both open and secure.
  3. Which fence complements my home and my personality? Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions carries a full line of fencing options. Our design experts can work with you to identify your personal style, whether it’s cutting-edge or traditional, and help you bring it to the great outdoors with fencing that also enhances the look of your home. We can even accent your fence with stylish end caps and attention-grabbing fence accessories.
  4. How much time can I dedicate to upkeep? The amount of maintenance you have to dedicate to your fence depends on the fencing materials you choose. Wood is often cheaper, but it has to be painted or stained frequently and is prone to split, crack and lean. If you want to devote your summers to relaxation, vinyl, aluminum or simulated stone may be better choices.
  5. How much do I want to spend? Fencing costs range significantly depending on the materials used and the accents you choose. To get the most bang for your buck, find your property survey, so you know exactly how many linear feet of fencing you need. Spend time researching the different fencing materials available and the estimated cost of maintenance. You may also want to get estimates from a number of fencing companies before making your final choice.

What types of fences do supply stores typically offer?

Our fence supply store offers a broad range of fencing supply materials. Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions, for example, specializes in providing high-quality, American-made, maintenance-free fencing options including vinyl, aluminum, and composite that imitate natural stone and wood grain.

How do I choose the right fencing material?

Choosing the right fencing material involves considering factors like durability, maintenance, aesthetics, and cost. At Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions, our fence supply experts guide you through these considerations, ensuring you pick the perfect material to meet both your functional needs and design preferences.

Are fence supply stores more affordable than hiring a contractor?

Purchasing materials from a fence supply store can often be more cost-effective if you are comfortable with DIY installation. Stores like Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions offer competitive pricing on high-quality materials and provide expert advice for DIY projects so you’d be in good hands.

Can I buy fencing supplies online?

Some fence supply stores offer online purchasing options. While Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions has a physical showroom in the St. Louis area, you can also consult with us virtually to explore the best fencing solutions tailored to your needs.

What are the maintenance requirements for different types of fences?

Wooden fences typically require regular painting or staining, while chain links may rust over time. In contrast, materials like vinyl and aluminum are low-maintenance options. Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions lives up to its name by offering durable fencing materials that require minimal upkeep.