Navigating Aluminum Fence Costs

Successfully navigating your aluminum fence cost doesn’t have to break the bank

This year, thousands of homeowners will consider fencing as an easy way to improve the value of their house. Business owners, too, need fencing to maintain an inviting and safe space. Just as with any large outdoor project, budget will be a big consideration. This is especially true when it comes to aluminum fencing–but aluminum fence costs aren’t always easy to find, or understand.

For that reason, we’ve broken down the total average aluminum fence cost for materials and installation. When you know how aluminum fencing is priced, you’ll be able to navigate different estimates and get the best value for your dollar.

Average Aluminum Fence Cost

Fencing prices vary depending on 1) the type (grade) of materials selected, and 2) the overall length of fence needed. For this reason, it is important to get estimates from local vendors before you begin your project.

The averages we provide here are national averages— the pricing in your area may vary. (If you live in the St. Louis area, we would be happy to provide you with more specific numbers for your project– just request a free, no obligation estimate. Still, these averages will help you understand what to expect.

National Average: $4,800

St. Louis Area Average: $5,000

Typical Range: $4,500 – $7,500

Note that pricing for fences is usually given in linear feet. Obviously, the longer your fence, the more your overall costs will be. Specifically because there is more material and more labor involved in those installations.

This aluminum fence cost tends to range from $20 to $45 per linear foot installed for both residential and commercial grade aluminum fences. For instance, this means that a 200-foot fence would run between $4,000 and $9,000. Most fencing projects for the average home are between 100 and 200 linear feet. Of course, even this rule of thumb will vary depending on the need for gates, grades, and so on.

The various materials needed for an aluminum fence can change the overall cost

Aluminum Fencing Cost Breakdown: Materials

Roughly three-quarters of the cost of an installed fence is for the materials themselves. Considering materials alone, we’ve seen costs between $14 and $39 per linear foot. Taller fencing will be towards the higher end of this range, while shorter fences will be less.

This “per foot” pricing typically includes:

  • 1 aluminum post
  • 1 panel (usually comes in 6’ sections)
  • Fasteners
  • 1 standard flat post cap

Also keep in mind that the prices of these materials will depend on whether your fence is residential grade, commercial grade, or industrial grade.

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A good way to get a feel for material costs for your area is to shop around and see what the costs of DIY aluminum fencing run. Fairly simple fencing comes pre-assembled in “panels” that are normally 6 feet long; these panels can be found online or at your local DIY shop. However, they may not drop your overall aluminum fence cost. This really depends on the quality of the material itself, and any additional fixes you may have to make throughout the fence’s lifetime.

Also figure that there are other materials that will be needed for the install: Concrete to set posts, connectors, fasteners, and gates, latches, hinges, etc.

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Aluminum Fencing Cost Breakdown: Installation and Labor

Materials are only a portion of a fencing project’s price. The rest is for installation by an experienced professional. Though this obviously costs more than doing a job yourself, it is often well worth the added expense.

Installation and labor costs include:

  • Drawing up plans
  • Laying out the post locations
  • Digging the post holes
  • Measuring posts to ensure they are straight (“plumb”)
  • Installing and securing the rails
  • Dealing with local conditions/complications
  • Clean-up

Labor costs tend to vary a lot depending on where you live and what local market conditions are like. If calculating based on a per-foot basis, labor usually adds $6-$10 per linear foot to your cost. St. Louis aluminum fence costs do tend to run a little cheaper, since labor costs are more reasonable in this local area.

Aluminum Fencing Cost Breakdown: Removal

If you are purchasing a fence for an area where none currently exists, this won’t factor into your pricing. But if there is an older fence that needs to be removed, you will need to budget for removal and clean-up of the existing material. This can add another $100 to $1000, depending on the size and condition of the fence.

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Remember: Maintenance Matters Too

Remember, when budgeting for a fencing project, you should not only look at up-front costs. Maintenance of your fence, and possible replacement, matters as well. Many consumers get frustrated when the fence they *thought* was an excellent deal needs replacement parts or sections just a few years later, such as several types of wood fences.

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One of the benefits of aluminum fencing is that it is very low maintenance, especially if you buy a respectable brand and have it professionally installed. For example, we’ve been installing fencing from Elite Fencing for over 20 years. We wouldn’t want to keep installing the same product for this length of time if it had some inherent problem. We’ve learned over the years that the Elite aluminum fence cost of their products is high quality, and stands the test of time. From the wall thickness of the aluminum to the high-quality paint finish, you have years and years of maintenance-free enjoyment from your Elite aluminum fence.


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