Wrought Iron vs. Aluminum and Steel | A Guide to Metal Fencing

Wrought Iron vs.

 Which has the Best Performance and Value?

Find the best option for your home or business. There are a lot of criteria to consider when selecting a fencing style – cost, appearance, installation etc. But the single most important criteria to consider is durability. The more durable a fence is the longer it will last and the more it will protect your property. That is why so many people are attracted to fences made out of metal. If you fall into this category, explore wrought iron vs. aluminum and steel, and get the most out of your fencing upgrade.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fences have two major advantages. First, they are very durable and can easily stand up to the strongest storms and the heaviest debris. Second, they are stylish and come in a number of classic ornamental looks. The drawbacks of iron fences is that they are difficult to install, and the materials are very expensive. Also, being iron, it will eventually begin to rust. This means scraping the fence with a wire brush and re-painting it to keep up its appearance and durability. 


Aluminum fencing is an appealing option because it is affordable, stylish, relatively easy to install, and very versatile. Plus, aluminum is a tough material that maintains it’s brand-new look for longer and requires little to no maintenance on your part. The only real drawback is that this is not a suitable material for a privacy fence, but that is the case with nearly all metal fences.


Steel is one of the strongest fencing materials available, and once the fence is up you can expect it to provide a secure barrier around your home for years to come. The cost can be higher up front, but since you will invest so little in maintenance the lifetime cost is quite reasonable. Plus, steel fencing can easily be adapted to sloped or uneven land, which is not the case with all fencing materials. The only real disadvantage of steel fences is that they are available in a relatively limited range of styles.

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Wrought iron fences are great, but you can enjoy all of the advantages, eliminate all of the disadvantages, and pay less overall by going with an aluminum or steel fence instead. Explore your options by working with the team at Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions. We carry the best brands in the industry, and our expert fencing contractors can ensure that your new fence is installed correctly. Learn more about the exciting benefits of maintenance-free materials like aluminum and steel by downloading our free ebook!

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