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The Best Value Privacy Fence Ideas

pool backyard with privacy fence

Privacy fencing can be an important part of your home and property. Not only does it contribute to your peace and security, it can also increase the value of your home. Here we have some privacy fence ideas to get you started, as well as what to look for in privacy fence installation.

Should You Really Consider a Privacy Fence?

Some homeowners used to hesitate at the words “privacy fence,” because they were associated with large, unpleasant looking barriers that obstructed one’s view. Fortunately, those days are past us—the best privacy fence is beautiful and durable as well as private.

When shopping for a privacy fence for your property, consider:

  1. The durability of the materials. Wood, for example, looks good and is a traditional choice. But wood also tends to rot, splinter, and fade. Other materials, such as vinyl, hold up to the elements much better than wood.
  2. Longevity and maintenance. Some types of fence need to be repaired frequently (for example, chain link and wood). Some also need frequent painting or staining to maintain their protective coat. A privacy fence that uses long-lasting, maintenance free materials avoids this repeated work.
  3. Price vs. increase in home value. A cheap privacy fence is not necessarily the best privacy fence. Spending a little more for a fence that looks nice, and that needs little in terms of maintenance, will be a better investment in the long run.
  4. The overall look. Of course, looks amount to something. After all, you’ll have to look at your fencing every day! It should look good to you, and look good to passersby or potential home buyers as well. For ideas, see below.
  5. The guarantee. Most manufacturers offer some sort of warranty on their products. Here at Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions, we go above and beyond by offering The Maintenance-Free Advantage: Our promise of everyday low prices, superior quality, and service.

Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Home

What kind of privacy fence fits your style? That depends; but here are a few ideas to get you started:

#1: The Classic Look

If a yard fence to you means a white picket fence, then the classic look of a vinyl privacy fence is for you.

Vinyl fences can be made to look like painted wooden fences, but have the maintenance-free durability of vinyl. They also resist pests and help dampen outside noise.

We specifically recommend our New Lexington and Chesterfield Smooth styles for maximum privacy with a classic look.

New Lexington

White Chesterfield fence

Chesterfield Smooth

#2 The Elegant Oasis

For some, the phrase “backyard oasis” represents a serious life goal. If you want a more natural look to your privacy fence, something that blends in with your yards natural beauty and careful landscaping, a simulated stone fence (a.k.a. “faux stone” fence) is a great idea.

Our simulated stone fences from SimTek have the look and feel of a real granite wall. In truth, the fencing is made from polyethylene (the same type of plastic used to make Little Tikes™ playground equipment). This makes it durable, safe, and pest resistant. It also provides a nice barrier against noise pollution from outside your yard.

SimTek Fencing

Simulated Stone Fence

Simtek Stone Fence

Stone Fence from Simtek

#3: Woodland Retreat

While simulated stone definitely has a natural “zen” feel, some homeowners would rather have a natural wood look to their fence. This is a great idea if you want your privacy fence to match an existing wood deck, or if you simple want your fence to blend it with natural wooded surroundings.

Bufftech’s Chesterfield CertaGrain™ line is perfect in these cases. CertaGrain provides an authentic, wood-like appearance and texture that is hard to replicate. It also comes in a number of different colors and grains, so you can get exactly the right “wood look” to your fence.

With CertaGrain, you can get all the advantages that a vinyl fence has over a wooden fence, while still keeping the look and texture of a traditional wood fence.

different colors and grains of CertaGrain

CertaGrain™ line offers different colors and grains.


Is A Privacy Fence A Good Choice for My St. Louis Area Home?

In short, yes! We’ve found that both vinyl fencing and simulated stone fencing are particularly good choices for homeowners in the St. Louis area:

  • Both hold up well to St. Louis weather. This includes high heat and humidity in the summer, freezing temperatures in the winter, and lots of rain in between.
  • Both vinyl privacy fences and simulated stone privacy fences resist pests that are common to the region, such as carpenter bees.
  • There are many style options available to suit different tastes–just see the privacy fence ideas above. Many of these styles work well both with historic homes in the area and with more modern construction.

Need More Help, or Just a Few More Privacy Fence Ideas?

Contact us now for more help, or to speak with an installation expert. If you are ready to take the leap and start planning your privacy fence now, use our handy form to sign up for a free at-home estimate.

You can read more about what to look when hiring a fence installation contractor. When you feel that you have found a privacy fence company you can trust, it’s time to scope out your project. This will include measuring your yard, estimating the placement of gates, choosing your fence height and style, and creating a set of plans for your fence before the appropriate permits are pulled.

Undecided on Which Fence Is Best For You?

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