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Elite Aluminum Fencing

Unbeatable Protection & Unrivaled Style With Elite Fencing

Who knew the ultimate security feature for your home or business could also look so sophisticated? Property owners throughout St. Louis are continuing to discover the benefits of an Elite aluminum fence. Whether it’s protecting little ones from the family pool, keeping pets out of the road, or defending one’s property from trespassers, Elite fencing always looks beautiful while doing its job.

Available in residential, commercial, industrial and heavy industrial grades, Elite Fence Products, Inc.’s ornamental aluminum fences are characterized by precision manufacturing, innovative design, unparalleled performance and lastly, durability. In fact, every Elite fence and railing product is covered in a “Super Durable” rated powder-coated finish that exceeds industry standards, making your fence virtually maintenance-free.

Deck Out Your Property with Stylish Security from Elite Fence

In addition, Elite pairs its high-quality materials and cutting-edge manufacturing with an unbeatable design. With six standard styles and nine standard colors available – as well as attention-grabbing accessories that tie the entire look together – you can dress up your property in incredible style and increase its overall value.

Deck Out Your Property with Stylish Security from Elite Fence

Guaranteed Benefits of An Elite Aluminum Fence

No matter what you’re looking for – aesthetics, security, safety or maintenance-free living – Elite ornamental aluminum fences are designed for style, and likewise, are engineered for strength and durability.

  • Impervious to the elements and virtually maintenance-free
  • Extremely durable with reinforced horizontal rails for maximum strength
  • Available in six distinctive styles
  • Nine standard colors to choose from – Black, Matte Black, White, Quaker Bronze, Matte Quaker Bronze, Walnut Brown, Beige, Sandstone and Hartford Green
  • Custom colors and added accessories available
  • “Neighbor friendly” with the same attractive design on both sides (Avalanche Series)
  • Complemented by available matching single entry or double drive gates
  • Standard, Curve Top and Estate gates available
  • Made in the USA

Above all else, choosing an Elite ornamental aluminum fence means peace of mind too: Every Elite fencing product is covered by a lifetime limited warranty.

Elite Fencing Buy American

Elite vs. Other Aluminum Fence Manufacturers

First off, no other aluminum fence manufacturer can match the strength, style, durability or lifetime warranty that come standard with every fence from Elite fence products. Made right here in the USA, an Elite aluminum fence features a horizontal rail with a unique multi-leveled design for maximum durability and, as a result, beauty. With its industry-leading powder coating that resists rust and chipping, maintenance is never a concern for busy home and business owners.

For commercial applications, Elite’s ZipTrack Cantilever Gate is an industry leader in aluminum cantilever gates, featuring an exclusive design for maximum security, durability, and style.

Colors & Available Styles

Finding An Elite Fence Dealer in St. Louis

Interested in ornamental aluminum fencing for your home our business?

Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions is the exclusive dealer of Elite aluminum fencing across the St. Louis metro area. As a BBB+ accredited (A+ rating) fencing company for more than 20 years, we know a quality aluminum fence when we see it, and no one can beat Elite’s combination of superior design, innovative manufacturing, and incredible customer service.

Up your property’s style, safety, and security today! Learn more about Elite aluminum fencing or contact us to receive your free, no-obligation estimate.