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A vinyl privacy fence will keep your neighbors from seeing into your home. Do you have pets or children that need more security when they’re outside? It may be time to consider a privacy fence. Not only do privacy fences give you additional security and privacy, but they can also elevate the look of your home and your yard. With this in mind, read on for our guide and consider our top vinyl privacy fence recommendations!

What Are The Benefits Of A Vinyl Privacy Fence?

When it comes to choosing a beautiful privacy fence, the easiest place is to consider the material. Vinyl fences are the most popular type of privacy fences we have installed.
A vinyl backyard fence will give you the most usability.

Here are a few reasons why:

Low Maintenance:  For homeowners and families that don’t want to spend time maintaining a fence, vinyl is one of the best no-fuss materials. The color doesn’t fade over time and it only requires a brief spray of the hose or power washer to keep it clean.

Durability: Unlike wood, vinyl doesn’t absorb moisture so it won’t rot, peel, or warp over time. This means you can feel safe installing it near sprinklers or your pool. You also don’t have to worry about termites or other pests moving in.

Privacy:  If you want true privacy from prying eyes, privacy vinyl fences are the best way to go. With vinyl privacy fencing equipped with tongue and groove pickets, there are no gaps in-between the pickets unlike with wood or chain-link fences.

And unlike with wood fences, vinyl is harder to climb and you won’t have to worry about holes or cracks developing over time.

Wood vs Vinyl Privacy Fence - Cost Compared Over Time

Wood vs Vinyl Fences – Cost Compared Over Time


While a wood fence may cost you less upfront, they require a lot of continual maintenance such as staining, replacing pickets, posts, and even rails.

Vinyl privacy fences may cost more upfront, but when you truly compare wood fencing vs vinyl fencing, you will see that over time, since vinyl fences require minimal maintenance and last longer.
Bottom line, a wood fence could cost you twice your original investment and after 20 years, have little to no value.

Great Aesthetics

Last but not least, vinyl privacy fences elevate the look of your property. Since they come in a great variety of colors and designs, you’re sure to find one that matches the rest of your home’s aesthetics.

Vinyl fences feature clean lines, with a modern touch. You can also add extra embellishments if you want more detail. There are many choices available.

Vinyl Privacy Fence Ideas

Now that you know all the benefits of vinyl privacy fences, here are our top recommendations for designs, colors, and more. We list them in order of really good, even better, and the best.

New Lexington Vinyl Privacy Fence (really good)

The New Lexington privacy fence style is one of the most popular options and also the most affordable. It comes in white and almond colors with heights of four feet, five feet, or six feet. It also comes with optional add-ons such as Lattice and Victorian accents.

Chesterfield Smooth Vinyl Privacy Fence (even better)

The Chesterfield Smooth privacy fence is your best option if high winds are a concern. When there are high winds, you don’t want to risk the chance of your fence toppling over.

Along with protecting your home from wind damage from an oncoming storm, a fence that can withstand 110 miles per hour wind gusts can give you extra peace of mind.

This privacy fence is also reinforced with galvanized steel in the bottom rail for extra durability. It comes with 7/8″ x 7″ groove pickets and a 5″ x 5″ heavy wall post. You can choose from colors white, clay, grey, or almond.

Lastly, as with all the privacy fences you can choose heights of four feet, five feet, and six feet. You also have the option of changing up the look with the Lattice, Victorian, Huntington, and Westminster accents.

Chesterfield CertaGrain Vinyl Privacy Fence (the best)

If you want the look of a classic wood fence that lasts decades, without maintenance, then the Chesterfield CertaGrain privacy fence may be one of the best privacy fences for you. This mimics the look of wood in a natural way along with its texture.

It provides the same wind and impact strength as the Chesterfield Smooth fence along with UV resistance. It also comes in a variety of solid and blended colors such as:

  • White
  • Almond
  • Clay
  • Sierra
  • Timber
  • Frontier
  • Arbor
  • Arctic
  • Brazilian

The Chesterfield GeraGrain also gives you numerous accent options as well as the ability to add a matching gate with a reinforced aluminum frame.

Some other vinyl privacy fences to consider include:

Galveston Vinyl Privacy Fence (shown in almond)

Galveston Vinyl Privacy Fence (shown in almond)


If four feet, five feet, or six feet aren’t tall enough for you, then you can enjoy the ultimate privacy that a seven feet or eight feet tall fence can bring. The Galveston fence is one of the tallest offerings, making it suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

It’s important to check with your HOA or fence ordinances in your area. You may need a permit for fences that are above six feet, as they can begin impeding your neighbor’s light, airflow, or view.

Download Bufftech Brochure

Download Bufftech Brochure

Galveston CertaGrain

If you want your tall fence to have the look of a traditional wood fence, the Galveston CertaGrain is the best choice for you. It also mimics the texture of wood and comes with ColorLast fade protection so that you can enjoy rich color for years to come.

Here are your color options:

  • Clay
  • Weathered
  • Frontier
  • Arbor
  • Arctic
  • Brazilian
  • Sierra

It doesn’t come with Lattice or Victorian accents, as those options are often used for six-foot fences when more privacy and height are needed.

Lastly, all of the Galveston’s rails in the dark and blended colors are reinforced with galvanized steel for optimal wind load capabilities.

Consider a Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence?

Semi privacy fence styles are great for when you want the privacy of a standard privacy fence but want partial privacy without feeling closed in. Semi-privacy fences have planks gaped at ½ and ¾ “ apart giving the fence a more open look and feel without complete isolation.

Popular Semi-Privacy fences include:

Imperial Semi-Privacy Fence (most popular)

Imperial semi-privacy fences meet most swimming pool codes. They come in various smooth and textured colors including almond, arbor, arctic, Brazilian, clay, frontier, sierra, timber, weathered, and the popular, white.

Millbrook Semi-Privacy Fence

The Millbrook offers the bold and crisp look of a semi-privacy fence, however does not meet the swimming pool code. The Millbrook semi-privacy fence is a great pet fence option and comes in 5 and 6-foot options and almond and white finishes.

Columbia Semi-Privacy Fence

Like Millbrook, the Columbia semi-privacy fence also does not meet the swimming pool code and only comes in white, in 5 and 6-foot height. The Columbia offers a beautiful lattice option to bring great appeal to your yard.

Chesterfield with Westminister Accent (shown)

Chesterfield with Westminister Accent (shown)

Want To Add Decorative Accents?

Once you choose your fence style, you may want to consider decorative accents to fully customize your fence and find the specific look you desire.

For instance, you’re able to add accents at the top of your fence that gives it a more inviting and homey look. They also make the fence harder to climb.

Our Chesterfield vinyl fencing comes in these beautiful accents:

You can also change the way the top of the fence is curved. If you don’t like modern, straight lines, you can opt for a convex shape that gives the top of your fence a pleasing, rounded look.

The concave, swoop, and S-curve accents all give your fence a unique style that makes it more pleasing to the eye.

Post Caps

In addition to accents, you can also change how the caps look on your vinyl fence for even more customization.

Solar post caps come with eco-friendly LED lights that easily install seamlessly with your fence posts. This solar-powered lighting enables your backyard to be safely lit during the evening in a visually pleasing way. Even better, they come with a two-year warranty.

If you don’t need solar caps for your fence, decorative PVC caps are also an option. These come in a variety of styles such as:

  • Gothic
  • Ball
  • External Flat
  • Internal Flat
  • New England

They also come in multiple colors so that the caps fit seamlessly with your fence color and design. Post caps come with a lifetime limited warranty with SureStart parts and labor protection.

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How to Choose a Privacy Fence Style

Now that you know our top options, you may be wondering how you can choose. Here are a few of our top tips to make your choice an easy one.

Start with Height

When it comes to fence height, you can get up to 8-foot tall privacy fences. Consider the purpose your fence will serve and the ground it will set on. Are you backing to a loud street? Check with the neighborhood and city fence guidelines and even check with your neighbors to discuss whatever the need.


You’ll also want to consider your budget when it comes to privacy fences. If you’re on a tight budget, the New Lexington style is the most affordable of the bunch. Remember, vinyl fences have great ROI and also increase the value of your property.


If you’re concerned about your fence blowing over in extremely high winds, your best option is the Chesterfield style. This style of fence is reinforced galvanized steel and is rated to withstand 110 miles per hour wind gusts.


If privacy is your top concern, then opt for a privacy fence. These vinyl fences don’t have any gaps, meaning that people can’t see over, or through the fence into the backyard.

If you mainly want a fence to keep your pets and children safe, or need a fence for a pool, consider a semi-private fence.

These fences come in four to eight-foot heights. They also feature slight gaps for a more open and inviting appearance compared to full privacy fences.

The Best Vinyl Privacy Fence Ideas for You

When it comes to choosing a vinyl privacy fence, we hope this guide has made it easier. The best practice is to work directly with a professional fence company.

Working with a reputable, experienced fence company will bring you peace of mind, knowing you’re getting a professional installation, best in value product and service.

Ready to find the perfect privacy fence for you?

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