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CertainTeed Baron Smooth

Certainteed Baron Smooth (shown)

Fences for Pets

Several types of dog fences are available, including invisible, wood, chain, picket, split-rail, wireless, and the most popular, maintenance-free vinyl and aluminum pet fences.  Homeowners love our vinyl pet fences (and aluminum) because they provide the very best esthetics for your property and security.

Dog Fences

Dog FencesWhen it comes to keeping canine escape artists in your backyard, safety should be your number one concern.

Dog fences made from high-quality vinyl should withstand escape attempts from most dog sizes.

But if your puppy is dedicated (or especially large), you may want to look at a dog fence that can handle even the hardest of blows.

Beyond safety, though, you should also consider visibility (do you want your pup to see beyond your backyard?) and style (avoid chain link and shoddy wood fencing if you can).

What is the Best Dog Fencing?

Hands down, for the St. Louis climate, we believe Bufftech® and Elite Fence Products, both leading fence brands, make the best fences for dogs.

You have several options when it comes to containing your dog, such as:

  • A wireless pet containment system
  • Wired dog fences
  • Physical fences

Each one has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

If you own a medium to large-sized dog, you should get a physical fence at least four to five feet tall, such as an aluminum fence. This height prevents dogs from jumping over the fence and escaping.

Higher fences from St. Louis fence companies also provide more security and privacy for you and your family. If you have small children, knowing they’re also safe and away from prying eyes and traffic, thanks to a physical fencing system, is priceless.

If you’re investing in a physical pet containment fence, find fence companies in the St. Louis area that will install a fence that’s low to the ground. This will prevent your dog from being able to burrow under it.

If you’re investing in a picket fence, ensure the space between each picket is small enough that your dog can’t wiggle through it.

While saving on costs may seem like a good idea, it’s worth spending a little more on an aluminum or vinyl fence. Cheap wooden fences can potentially break apart easily, and some dogs have been known to climb up chain link fences.

What to Consider When Investing in a Physical Fence

Physical dog containment fences are financial investments with plenty of benefits besides containing your dog. Fences help keep children safe, look great, and add extra privacy and security to any home.

It’s important to remember that even with a pet containment fence, you still need to ensure your dog gets plenty of physical exercise daily. A fence isn’t a treadmill, but it is the perfect excuse to play catch with your dog without worrying the ball will roll into traffic.

A physical fence can help upgrade the aesthetics of your home while containing your dog, but it doesn’t let you off the hook for properly training your dog to behave responsibly.

Physical Fences

Vinyl Dog Fencing

Certainteed Bufftech® vinyl fences offer long-lasting beauty, excellent performance, and the best value when considering a fence for your dog. These fences come in sophisticated styles, authentic finishes, and complementary colors and outlast the competition.

These dog fences offer durable hardware and steel-reinforced rails to ensure a long-lasting installation. And BuffTech® features one of the best warranties, including their popular ColorLast® fade protection.

Aluminum Dog Fencing

Elite Fence Products residential aluminum fences are among the best dog fences available. Fences by Elite are engineered for a unique style and maximum strength.

Elite aluminum dog fences are available in six standard styles and colors: black, white, quaker bronze, walnut brown, beige, and Hartford green.    Elite offers self-closing and self-latching gate hardware, both great safety features for a dog fence.

Best Dog Fencing To Consider

Fact:  the best fence for dogs is a maintenance-free fence!

Bufftech® Contemporary Baron

The Bufftech® Comtemporary Baron fence is really good choice for a dog fence.   With a 3″ wide picket and 2 15/16″ spacing, the Baron is a very strudy and durable style of vinyl fence to satisfy your pet fence needs.  This fence offers 3, 4, 5, and 6 foot height options with lots of beautiful colors and textures.

Bufftech® Contemporary Princeton

The Bufftech® Contemporary Princeton is an even better fence option for a dog fence and one of the most popular contemporary style fences we offer.  The Princeton provides for a tightly space uniform look, while offering over 50% visibility, perfect for you, and your fury friend.  Choose your height from 3 to 6″ and between popular color choices.

Elite EFF-20 Aluminum

Elite Fence Products offer superior fencing aand is the best of the three recommendations we have for a dog fence.  The Elite EFF-20 aluminum residential grade fence (most popular) for pets offers aesthetic beauty and great protection for your property and loved ones alike.    This fence comes in many popular colors and features alike.

Why Consider Vinyl over Wood for Pets?


Maintenance free
Extremely durable
Does not need painting or staining
Doesn’t chip or fade
Resistant to termites or insects


Requires lots of maintenance
Subject to rotting, peeling and sagging
Requires ongoing painting or staining
Splinters and cracks depending on climate
Susceptbile to termite and insect damage

We Offer Dog Fencing Across St. Louis

We’ve been installing maintenance-free dog fences since 1994.  We offer competitive everyday pricing, long-term warranties, and high customer review ratings to back up the quality of our workmanship.  Read more on our Maintenance-Free Advantage to see why we’re the best in-value choice regarding fences for pets.