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Why the White-Picket Fence is Overrated

white-picket fence

The white-picket fence symbolizes the suburban, small town ideal, where 2.5 kids catch lightning bugs on hot summer nights, a Golden Retriever runs after balls in the backyard, and BBQ’s are held every weekend. But what we don’t picture are the problems that come with wood fencing materials. That white-picket fence is bound to split and crack, rot causing the posts to lean, and mom and dad spend what should be lazy summer days on painting and repairs.

It’s time to reimagine the white-picket fence and choose a fence that better fits our fantasy of weekend relaxation. Vinyl fencing is a durable, maintenance-free alternative to wood fencing and retains its good looks long after installation, making it ideal for any dream home in St. Louis.

Switching the White-Picket Fence for Vinyl Fencing


Vinyl fencing is available in a number of options to complement your home and yard, including the nostalgic white-picket fence style that gives you a clear view of your neighborhood while keeping your family and pets safe. While vinyl fencing looks as good – or even better – than a freshly installed white-picket fence, it offers significant benefits no wood fencing materials can match:

Variety of Design Options

Is your style more cutting-edge and contemporary? Or do you love the style of traditional craftsmanship? With vinyl fencing, the choice is yours! Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions carries modern white-picket fencing, like the Princeton and Monarch models, that offers a variety of heights and designs as well as traditional “picket thru rail” styles that truly say Americana.

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Weather-Resistant Finishes

The St. Louis weather can be brutal on wood fencing. However, because vinyl fencing is five times more durable than a traditional white-picket fence, it can stand up to wind, rain, and hail in addition to the sun’s harmful UV rays so it’s less likely to fade, chip, peel, or rot.

Greater Return on Investment

Vinyl fencing may cost more than wood fencing initially, but it pays off in the long run. As opposed to a white-picket fence which may need to be replaced after seven to 10 years, vinyl fencing can last decades. Plus, you’ll spend less on painting, repairs, and maintenance since it retains its appearance for years to come.

State-of-the-Art Strength

The top and bottom rails of vinyl picket fencing from Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions can be reinforced with galvanized steel and aluminum so it can take the brunt of an active family.

Greater Peace of Mind

Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions offers St. Louis homeowners a limited lifetime warranty on all vinyl picket fencing. The warranty even includes exclusive SureStart™ protection to cover repair and replacement costs for five years after the fence is installed.

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Upgrade Your Home Today

Everyone dreams of that perfect home and the perfect white-picket fence. Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions can make it a reality with vinyl fencing that is a dream to maintain. Learn more about all the fencing options for your St. Louis home and get a free, no-obligation estimate when you contact Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions today. And don’t forget download your free copy of Understanding the Maintenance-Free Lifestyle before planning your next project:

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