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The Pros and Cons of Wood Fencing

The Pros and Cons of Wood Fencing

Important Information for Your next Fencing Project

Drive around any neighborhood and you will see wood fencing everywhere. This is clearly a popular fencing option, but does that mean it’s the best fencing option, or the right one for your next fencing project? Learn about the pros and cons of wood fencing and decide for yourself.

Pros of Wood Fencing

Looks: Wood fences give any site a classic, natural look that is coveted by many home and business owners. Over time, however, as wood fences start to show their age, a natural look can begin to seem just shabby.

Versatility: Wood fences can be painted or stained in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to create customized designs. But any color that is applied will need to be regularly reapplied to keep the fence looking good.

Sustainability: Wood fences often get credit for being organic and all natural. But it’s important to know where the wood you use is harvested from and how. Not all suppliers abide by sustainable practices and accelerate the consequences of deforestation.

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Cons of Wood FencingThe Pros and Cons of Wood Fencing

Durability: Wood fences may look sturdy, but one strong storm or harsh winter or summer can cause a lot of damage to these fences. And when that happens you will need to invest in costly repairs and spend time with a broken fence.

Maintenance: Wood fences look great when they first go up. But keeping that appearance requires yearly maintenance, and if you have even a modestly large fence that can be a big job. Plus, they are notoriously difficult to clean, and the cleaning process often degrades the wood further.

Installation: Wood fences that are not properly installed can present even further maintenance issues. There is the risk that the posts will begin to sink below the ground and warp the fence. Then you either have to make do with an ugly fence or pay for costly repairs.   Tweet this

Vulnerability: Wood fences are particularly vulnerable to bugs like termites and to certain kinds of mold and rot. Home or business owners with a wood fence have to regularly inspect the length of the fence on both sides to make sure small problems aren’t spreading.

Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions Offers Alternatives to the Wood Fence

After exploring the pros and cons of wood fencing have you concluded it may not be the best option for your fencing project? Please contact us; our technicians that would be happy to talk with you about your fencing questions and needs.

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