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A SimTek fence can help boost your St. Louis home’s value

If you want to keep your little corner of St. Louis secure while boosting your home’s value, a SimTek fence is worth taking a look. SimTek fence has the look and feel of a real granite wall, but has the easy installation and maintenance-free beauty of wood-free fencing.

SimTek brand fencing is made from polyethylene, which is the same type of plastic used to make Little Tikes™ playground equipment. This material has several key advantages:

  • Excellent fade and impact resistance. Simtek fencing does not fade appreciably in the sun or with wind and rain. Plus, it can take a beating–important when you have pets or little sports enthusiasts.
  • Thermal stability. The polyethylene in SimTek fencing will not warp with the sun or shrink with the cold. This makes it ideal for outdoor use. Color does not change with exposure to temperature, either.
  • Sound-proofing characteristics. Most SimTek fences come in solid sheets, which create a seamless barrier when it comes to outside noise.
  • Excellent graffiti resistance. Commercially available spray paints do not adhere well to the polyethylene in SimTek fences, which means they are much harder to graffiti.
  • It has that historic city look. Many St. Louis area homes already have brick, granite, or other kinds of stones in their construction. SimTek fencing can preserve that historical look while better resisting the elements.

A SimTek fence surrounding a park in Nevada. Image from


Need a Professional SimTek Installer?

Maybe you’re convinced that SimTek is the way to go, or maybe you feel that you need to see some samples for yourself. Either way, you’ll want to speak with a professional installer who can give you an accurate estimate and discuss whether or not SimTek will meet your needs.

Maintenance Free outdoor solutions has been doing SimTek fence installations for decades. We specialize in non-wood fencing, including aluminum, vinyl, and ornamental steel–and, of course, SimTek poly and vinyl fencing. We do most of the installations ourselves, not through subcontractors, so you know you’ll be speaking and working with experienced experts. Most importantly, we’ll help you work through some of the big questions you’ll have to answer before installing your fence.

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SimTek Fence Dealers in Your Area

A quick Google search will reveal SimTek dealers in your local area. If you live in or around St. Louis, we hope you’ll consider getting your fence from Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions. We have a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau and tons of positive review online, so you can buy with confidence. Contact us today for a free estimate.

If you have more questions about faux stone fencing, we’re happy to field them. Even better, contact us now for your free estimate:


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