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Composite Fence Supply

Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions, Inc. is the leading supplier of composite fence supplies, meeting the needs of DIY homeowners and professional contractors across the St. Louis area.

Transforming your outdoor space is made seamless with our wide range of composite fence supplies. These products offer the authentic aesthetic of stone walls and wood grain without the high cost or maintenance concerns. Our selection of composite fence supplies is engineered for longevity, low maintenance, and striking visual appeal.

In our inventory, we feature composite fencing that mimics the appearance of real stone and wood grain, thanks to cutting-edge polyethylene materials—the same robust plastics used in high-quality playground equipment. This ensures excellent fade and impact resistance, thermal stability, and soundproofing qualities. Moreover, these composite fences offer superior graffiti resistance, making them a preferred choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Whether you’re a homeowner intrigued by the aesthetic and durability of simulated stone or wood or a contractor seeking fade-resistant and soundproof options, Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions, Inc. is your primary source for composite fence supplies.

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  • Certainteed Sherwood™ Woodgrain Fencing

  • Certainteed Allegheny™ Stone Fencing