chain link vs. vinyl fencing

Chain Link vs. Vinyl Fencing: Which is Right for You?

We’ll save you the time and just come right out with it: there are a lot of disadvantages when it comes to chain link fences. While it’s also true that you save a bit of money opting for chain link fencing over other materials, such as vinyl, you’re also facing a host of potential issues.

Here we’ll look at three things to keep in mind when deciding between a chain link fence or a vinyl fence:


Let’s face it. Chain link fencing just isn’t that attractive, and it’s not going to enhance your curb appeal. If you’re looking for a fencing solution that increases the value of your home, chain link probably isn’t the right choice. Many homeowners associations, in fact, do not allow chain link fencing, as these fences can actually decrease property values.

Vinyl fencing, on the other hand, is available in a wide range of styles and colors, and can be outfitted with a number of appealing accessories.


You knew we were going to talk about this one. At Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions, our philosophy is in our name. So we’re not about to recommend a fencing solution that could potentially lower your resale value, but also requires a significant investment of time and money to maintain.

The fact is, chain link fences are extremely vulnerable to the elements. Galvanized steel chain link breaks down in ice, rain and snow, and corrodes and rusts. Over time, it loses luster and what was never very nice to look at in the first place only gets worse. Sure, you’ll save some money installing a chain link fence, but you’ll also spend a pretty penny (and more than a few Saturday afternoons) trying to keep it maintained.

Vinyl fences, by contrast, are virtually maintenance-free. Not only is vinyl fencing essentially impervious to the elements, but many vinyl fences come with manufacturer’s warranties against defect or deterioration. The Bufftech brand of vinyl fencing sold by Maintenance-Free comes with a lifetime transferrable warranty from the American manufacturer, CertainTeed, and 5-year SureStart coverage for repair and replacement costs. With design, durability and a warranty like that, chain link fencing just doesn’t hold up to vinyl. Not even close.

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The traditional chain link “diamond” pattern poses a dilemma for dog owners, too. As opposed to options like vinyl, which feature vertical pickets, chain link’s design is scalable by inventive dogs eager for a look at what lies beyond the fence. Although commonly used as a system for pet containment, chain link fences just don’t cut it.

The vertical picket design of vinyl fencing, however, all but eliminates this risk. It is far more difficult — near impossible, in fact — for even the most determined dogs to climb or jump over a vinyl fence.

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