Ultimate Durability: How Long Does a Vinyl Fence Last?

vinyl fencing

Are you in the market for a new fence? Have you been taking your time trying to determine which type of fence is best for you? If so, then it’s time to consider purchasing a vinyl fence.

Vinyl fencing is becoming increasingly popular as it’s one of the most commonly used fencings for homes. This is true because of the many benefits that it offers. And along with those benefits is its lifespan, but exactly how long does a vinyl fence last?

Continue reading below to find out everything you need to know about vinyl fencing and all of the factors that lead to how long it actually lasts for!

Why Choose Vinyl Fencing?

To start with, let’s discuss why you would want to choose a vinyl fence. When it comes to fence materials, vinyl offers several benefits over other fence materials. Unlike wood or iron fences, you won’t have to worry about restaining or repainting it over time.

And because there’s no way for it to absorb moisture, it won’t rot, peel, blister, or corrode. This type of fence also provides a clean and smooth look with no visible hardware, making it ideal for people who desire a clean-cut look.

What Are My Vinyl Fencing Options?

Vinyl fences are made to fit everyone’s needs or style preferences. Choose from vinyl privacy fencing, contemporary fencing, traditional, semi-privacy, classic, and post, and rail fencing. There is also a variety of colors to choose from.

When people think about vinyl fencing, they normally picture a white fence, but these fences come in several colors.

vinyl fencing

How Are Vinyl Fences Installed?

Vinyl fences are one of the easiest fences to install in a yard. Because it’s so easy to install, some people opt to install the fence at home on their own. However, this isn’t the only option you have.

The installation of vinyl fences is a fairly simple process. No screws or brackets are needed for installation, so home installation is simple. However, if you’d prefer to have a professional install the fence for peace of mind, that is your other option.

How to Maintain a Vinyl Fence?

Fortunately, one of the best things about vinyl fences is that they require very low maintenance. As mentioned before, you don’t have to worry about restaining or repainting it in the years to come. The most you’ll have to do with a vinyl fence is wash it down every so often with a garden hose.

If you’re worried about mold or dirt growing on the fence, a simple solution of household bleach diluted with hot water and a tablespoon of grease-cutting dish soap is the perfect cleaning solution. This will wash away any dirt, mold, or bacteria from the fence.

Other than that, your vinyl fence will be virtually maintenance-free.

vinyl fencing

What Are the Benefits of a Vinyl Fence?

Now that you know your options and why you’d want to purchase a vinyl fence to install in your yard, let’s go over some of the key benefits to owning a vinyl fence. Listed below are a couple of these benefits.

Easy Installation

It doesn’t matter if you choose to install the fence yourself or have the professionals install it for you, because either way is a simple and quick process. The pieces of the fence are prefabricated and easily slide into place to create it. There will be no boards to cut, heavy materials to haul, or frustrating upkeep.

Low Maintenance

With vinyl fencing, there’s no repainting, repairing splintering, or spraying for termites. Simply use your garden hose to spray it down here and there when it gets a little dirty and forget about all those other maintenance frustrations. Its ability to withstand pest and damage makes vinyl last much longer than other fencing materials.

At the very most, you might need to mix together a cleaning solution to give it a really good wash. But this isn’t something that needs to be done on a regular basis.

Variety of Options

There is a large variety of options when choosing a vinyl fence. Your options stretch from styles, designs, colors, shapes, textures, heights, and so much more. Because the options are endless, you have the opportunity to have a pretty unique fence in your yard.

This also works great for people who want to match their fence with their house’s design or style. With all of these amazing options to choose from, your fence will fit it wonderfully in the neighborhood. And if your neighbors already have a certain style of fence that they all have, you’ll be able to pick out a vinyl fence that matches with them perfectly.

Durable Make-Up

You might be surprised to know that vinyl fencing is quite durable. Some even believe that it’s more durable than wooden fences. The vinyl fence’s materials won’t chip, crack, blister, or peel.

This means you won’t have to worry about your fence bringing down the aesthetics of your yard. And thanks to new advances in the fence’s technology, vinyl fences are more durable during storms as well. Because it fights against moisture and pests, it makes it stronger than wood in the long run.

High in Safety

If contracting termites is something that worries you, then put your mind at ease by purchasing a vinyl fence. Vinyl fencing has no risk for termites, which means your home is safe from contracting termites from a fence. Vinyl is also fire resistant and considered self-extinguishing.

This is another added safety benefit that you won’t have to stress.

vinyl fencing

How Long Does a Vinyl Fence Last?

So, with all of these factors in mind, how long does a vinyl fence actually last for? Because of all these factors listed above, a vinyl fence will last for about 20-30 years without much trouble. And because of their longevity and durability, our vinyl fences come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Even when you install your vinyl fence in an area with high traffic, it’ll hold its durability and longevity. As long as you spray it down with a garden hose here and there, your vinyl fence will last you a lifetime. When hosing down your fence, be sure to use a high-speed nozzle.

This will remove all built-up dirt and debris in only one spray. There also some other ways to ensure that you maximize the lifespan of your fence and are as follows:

Tips to Maximize the Lifespan of Your Vinyl Fence

Once a year, be sure to oil the hinges of the fence’s gate. Take the time to examine its screws. If any of them seem loose, then tighten them properly or replace if needed.

Also once a year, be sure to adjust the gate. It best to do this during the spring. And when the gate is not in use, be sure to secure it properly.

Failure to do so will result in the gate swinging back and forth in harsh weather conditions, which may cause damage. Other ways to avoid unnecessary damage is to avoid using a weed wacker near the fence. The weed wacker itself might cause damage if it hits the fence, or it might hit other items in the yard such as rocks or sticks that then shoot out at high speeds causing possible damage to anything nearby.

It’s also a good idea to remember not to stack up against any tools, equipment, rocks, or anything else near the fence. If they were to fall, they could also cause damage. You’ll also want to ensure that all children know not to climb on or hang on any part of the fence.

If you follow these simple maintenance and cleaning tips, your vinyl fence is sure to last you for many years.

vinyl fencing

Ready to Purchase Your Own Vinyl Fence?

What are you waiting for? With all of the benefits of vinyl fences and how durable they really are, you no longer have to ask yourself, “how long does a vinyl fence last?” With low-maintenance, your vinyl fence will last you for years to come.

You’ll have the option of choosing from many different styles, colors, and designs. Match your neighborhood’s style or set the tone for everyone else. Once your neighbors see how great your vinyl fence looks, they’ll all want to install one just like it!

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to purchase your own vinyl fence? If so, contact us for a free estimate!

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