what is Maintenance-Free Fencing

A great alternative to a conventional fence

This is a common question and one that many people are confused by. Because while most people have an idea of what maintenance-free fencing is, they don’t realize how truly varied and versatile it can be. In order to answer all your questions about this exciting home and business improvement option, we have put together this simple guide.

What is Maintenance-Free Fencing Made of?

Most commonly maintenance-free fencing is made of vinyl, but there are also options made of aluminum, polyethylene, and ornamental steel. In all cases these materials are durable and highly adaptable. That makes them a great alternative to stone and wooden fencing options because maintenance-free fences don’t show signs of age, wear, or tear nearly as quickly.  And with the volatile St. Louis weather, this means a lot!

What Does Maintenance-Free Fencing Look Like?

It comes in many styles, sizes, and colors, making it a great option in almost any setting. And unlike wooden fences that will start to look aged and worn out as they are exposed to St. Louis, MO inclement weather, maintenance-free fences keep the look of being new even years after they are installed.

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What are the Benefits of Maintenance-Free Fencing?

Maintenance-Free Fencing

There are lots of benefits.

The most exciting one for most home and business owners is that maintenance-free fencing requires little to no upkeep. That means you don’t have to deal with priming, painting, and patching as your fence gets exposed to St. Louis, MO weather.  Tweet-This

Another often overlooked benefit is that maintenance-free fencing is much easier to install than some of the alternatives. If you want the look of a stone fence at your home or business but don’t want to deal with the hassle of having one built, you can go with an easy-to-install simulated-stone fence instead, and get the same look.

How Expensive is Maintenance-Free Fencing?

In most cases it is very affordable, especially compared to some of the alternatives in St. Louis, MO. And in addition to the cost of the fencing itself, you have to factor in the low to non-existent cost of maintenance. Over the lifetime of the fence, you will have to spend much less than if you had a wooden fence installed.

Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions

Once you’re interested in getting a closer look at maintenance-free fencing options, you’re at the right place. We’re St. Louis’s leading provider and installer of maintenance-free fencing, railing, decking and lighting.  You are sure to find an option that will look great at your property.

Whether you’re a DIY’er or need full service, you can count on Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions to help.   Oh, and you’ll be glad to know we offer free onsite, no-pressure estimates.

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