backyard man cave

It’s summer in St. Louis. The smell of fresh cut grass and backyard barbecue linger in the air, and the sound of Cardinals baseball drifts through the open windows. It doesn’t get any better than this. Unless, of course, you’ve got a backyard man cave.

A Backyard Man Cave Every Guy Wishes For

Looking to transform your backyard into the ultimate hangout for baseball, barbecue, and beer? Whether you’re looking to stick to a budget or go all in, get inspired by some of our St. Louis outdoor experts’ favorite backyard man cave ideas:

Get Outside (and Watch TV)

Who says you have to leave the big game behind when you venture outside? Build a flatscreen into a covered shed or outbuilding and enjoy the game in the great outdoors. Improvenet has the best garage-to-man-cave conversion featuring a bar, flatscreen TVs, a gas fireplace and of course, plenty of personality.

Outdoor Kitchens

No backyard man cave is complete without a place for the grill, and why stop there? An outdoor kitchen gives your hideaway some serious summer sizzle. Whether you are entertaining the boys or celebrating your kid’s birthday, an outdoor kitchen is an investment worth considering. Just be prepared to fend off neighbors who follow the smoky smells to their source…

backyard man cave

The “Garage-Mahal”

If you’re looking to save money (or maybe you don’t have permission to tear up the backyard), you might think about converting the garage. Check out Improvenet’s complete DIY guide to creating the ultimate “Garage-Mahal,” including money-saving tips for insulating even the thinnest garage doors. We can guarantee that if you create a man cave using that guide, you will never want to leave the house for a sport’s game again.

Backyard Shed

Rather than build a new structure from scratch, why not take advantage of what’s already there? Converting an existing backyard shed is a great, cost-effective way to create the ultimate space for kicking back. And your design possibilities are endless – transform the space into a relaxing office, your personal gym, or even a decked out game room.

Deck It Out

The right decking and fencing is key to staking out your backyard man cave. Consider alternative materials to traditional wood decking like capped composite, PVC, traditional composite, and vinyl. They’re resistant to the elements, won’t fade, splinter, or rot, and are virtually maintenance free — so you can spend more time enjoying your space, not working on it. And if you are taking your guest through the back door, the deck is their first impression. Make sure you have that wow factor.

backyard man cave

Make Your Next Project Maintenance-Free

Looking to add some serious sizzle to your St. Louis backyard? To top off the ultimate backyard man cave, you need to be choosing the best materials and from the maintenance-free experts of St. Louis. Talk with the outdoor experts at Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions about maintenance-free decking, fencing, railing, and lighting solutions. maintain advantage

Learn more about why our Maintenance-Free Advantage makes us the most trusted fencing and decking company in St. Louis, and request a free, no-obligation estimate by one of our experienced specialists.

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