ZipTrack Cantilever Gates

Often used in commercial and industrial settings, or when sloping conditions don’t allow the use of swing gates, Elite’s ZipTrack™ aluminum cantilever slide gates are available to secure any opening from 4’ to 120’ in width


Constructed with tubular diagonal bracing, no truss rods or cables to break or adjust are needed. Made with a lower frame with a totally enclosed guide wheel, this eliminates the pinch point and helps to reduce lateral movement. Elite ZipTrack ™ gates conform to the following specifications: FSRR-191/2D Type III & IV and ASTM F 1184-88.

The gate shall be fabricated in Elite Fence Product’s Plant. The frames and tracks are fabricated from extrusions (6005-T5). The upper track weighs 5.816# per foot and lower 3.331# per foot. The upper and lower tracks shall be welded and/or bolted to 2″ x 2″ x .125 Wall tubes at 1.106# per foot vertical framing. Each section for the tail shall be X-braced with two (2) 2″ x 2″ x .125 Wall tubes at 1.106# per foot. Each front section shall have one (1) 1″ x 2″ tube at .824# per foot diagonal brace for ornamental gates, and (1) 2″ x 2″ x .125

Wall tube at 1.106# per foot diagonal brace for chain link gates. Gates made for chain link may be shipped with the wire in place or the wire can be installed at the job site. The fabric shall be held in place by tension bars, tension bands and bolts. Barbwire shall be held in place by brace bands and bolts.

The upper track will have holes punched to accepted 1″ x 1″ x .062 wall picket, the pickets shall be attached by using 410 stainless steel screws. The heads are coated with zinc and yellow chromate, and then painted to match the color of the gate. All gates are manufactured with no picket through bottom to meet UL 325.

Two (2) swivel type truck assemblies consisting of a solid steel zinc plated body, utilizing a 3/4″ mounting stud. Each having two (2) axles press fitted to the main body. The axles are then press fitted with four (4) permanently lubricated sealed ball bearing wheels mounted vertically for rolling the gate. Two (2) top mounted steel horizontal rolling wheels with sealed bearings are used for alignment.

Two permanently lubricated sealed ball bearing wheels are mounted to the gate post and should be vertically centered in the lower track. All brackets and gate latches shall be galvanized after fabrication.