What is Vinyl Fencing? Why Does it Make for a Durable Fencing Material?

What is Vinyl Fencing

A home says a lot about the owner inside, and the vinyl fencing they choose to surround it with speaks to their impeccable style and financial savvy. More and more homeowners across St. Louis are showing off both by outfitting their yards with vinyl fencing. And for a good reason – with its incredible durability and unmatched versatility, vinyl has become the top fence material for today’s modern home. In fact, according to a study of the fencing industry, the demand for vinyl fence supplies is set to skyrocket over the next 10 years.

But why has vinyl fencing become the go-to over other fence styles? And why should you consider a PVC fence for your own home?

What is Vinyl Fencing, Exactly?

Some might think vinyl fencing is flimsy or low-grade, but when you choose the right manufacturer and installer, it’s the exact opposite. In fact, one of the most durable fencing options you can choose.

Vinyl fencing is made with polyvinyl chloride, the preeminent material in PVC pipe and other construction applications. A PVC fence is enhanced with special ingredients to boost its durability and is accessorized with a titanium oxide coating to protect it from yellowing and fading.

The materials and cutting-edge manufacturing process make vinyl fencing up to five times stronger than a wood fence. It’s also more flexible – when the Midwest’s spring winds come roaring in, it has the ability to “go with the flow” better than wood and is less likely to sag or bow.

What is Vinyl Fencing


Why Do I Need a PVC Fence?

The St. Louis weather is not kind to wood or chain-link fencing. Therefore, homeowners end up spending time and money making repairs and staining or painting the fence year after year. Vinyl fencing offers industry-leading benefits that make it ideal for those who want a low-maintenance alternative:

  • Ultraviolet Inhibitors: Thanks to titanium oxide, vinyl fencing – even options in darker shades – is able to hold its color year after year.
  • Consistent Color: Vinyl fencing offers multiple colors, and these colors run true from one to the next.
  • Moisture Resistant and Pest Repellent: Unlike wood, vinyl is not organic. It won’t rot from our heavy summer rains and heat and is protected against hungry insects and pests.
  • Stronger Materials: High-end vinyl fencing features steel-reinforced rails to reduce bowing and heavyweight pickets that can stand up to hits and bumps from everyday living.
  • Hidden Fasteners: Nails and fasteners on other fences can quickly rot and pop out. PVC fencing uses concealed fasteners to hold the fence together, improving its safety and security.

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Which Vinyl Fence is Right for Me?

In St. Louis, Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions is your source for high-quality PVC fence options that fit your project and your budget. We offer the full line of Bufftech vinyl fencing manufactured by CertainTeed, the industry leader in PVC fencing.

Maintenance-Free carries and installs six fence styles – privacy, contemporary, traditional, semi-privacy, classic, and post and rail – that mimic the look of wood and are available in a variety of innovative colors and designs. Plus, all vinyl fencing is backed by CertainTeed’s lifetime limited warranty and our own installation satisfaction guarantee.

Discover the Maintenance-Free Outdoor Advantage and our promise of everyday low prices, superior quality, and service. Contact our vinyl fencing experts in St. Louis today for your free on-site estimate and begin enjoying the security and comfort that comes with a PVC fence.


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