What is Plastic Fencing? And Should I Consider it for My Home?

What is Plastic Fencing

When you hear the phrase “plastic fencing,” the words “cheap” or “flimsy” may pop in your head. But the truth is, plastic fencing, or vinyl or PVC fencing, is one of the most durable and reliable fence options you can install. This is no mere weakling, but a formidable powerhouse that protects your home and yard for decades to come.

Over the past 25 years, plastic fencing has become the go-to for savvy homeowners in St. Louis. The fence is made of a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin which is then combined with a number of industrial ingredients to improve its sturdiness and weather resistance. The result – an aesthetically-pleasing fence that provides the strength you require.

Defining “What is Plastic Fencing” and Why You Should Choose it Over Chain Link or Wood

When you’re considering modern privacy fencing for your home, take the time to compare a vinyl fence against wood or chain link options. You’ll quickly discover plastic fencing is the smarter choice – here’s why:

  • It offers incredible strength. Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions is proud to carry PVC fencing from Bufftech. This industry-leading fence is five times stronger and four times more flexible than wood fencing. That means it can handle roughhousing from the kids or a hit from the lawn trimmer. In addition, its steel-reinforced bottoms rails eliminate the chance of sagging or bowing, which are common side effects of other fencing.
  • It’s a safer option. Surprising to many, most wood fencing is treated with chemicals that protect it against the weather but can be dangerous to pets who decide it looks good enough to chew. In addition, wood fencing can splinter, and the nails that hold panels in place can become loose once the wood rots. Plastic fencing, on the other hand, is environmentally friendly and safe for kids and pets since all fasteners are concealed.
  • It can stand up to the weather. St. Louis’s rainy weather can quickly cause chain link to rust and wood fences to warp. Furthermore, our blistering sun leads to fence fading and discoloration. PVC fencing looks good year after year and requires zero maintenance other than a quick cleaning with the garden house or powerwasher. Plus, Bufftech vinyl fencing is backed by a ColorLast® fade protection guarantee.
  • It offers a greater resale value. Many homeowners install a chain link or wood fencing because they think it boosts their home’s resale value. When you choose a privacy plastic fence, you can expect to see a profit of up to 50 percent of material and installation costs when you sell your home. PVC fencing is a simple – and smart – investment you can make in your home today.

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Find the Right Plastic Fencing with Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions

With Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions and Bufftech, you can find a plastic fence that matches your home and personality. We offer a full line of options, from contemporary to post and rail, in a variety of finishes and colors. Each one includes a manufacturer’s warranty and is installed by St. Louis’s experts in PVC fencing. See if you get all that with a chain link or wood fence.

To learn more, check out our eBook, Understanding the Maintenance-Free Lifestyle, or contact our plastic fence experts for your free estimate.

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