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Choose a Vinyl Privacy Fence to Protect and Secure Your Home

Vinyl Privacy Fence

Even in the friendliest of St. Louis neighborhoods, sometimes you just want a getaway all to yourself. A vinyl privacy fence can help you turn off the everyday chaos around you, creating an oasis free of intrusion, noise, and prying eyes.

Just as importantly, it adds an extra level of protection to your home or pool so no one can get in or out without an invite from you.

When you’re choosing a privacy fence, skip the wood and discover why the benefits of vinyl fencing make it the best option for your home. With long-lasting, maintenance-free security, you can swim, sunbathe, or simply relax in your backyard without the rest of the world watching you!

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the most frequently asked questions about the pros and cons of a vinyl privacy fence. Then, we’re going to examine where to find the best vinyl privacy fencing in the St. Louis area.

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What Are Vinyl Privacy Fences?

Vinyl privacy fences are fences that are constructed to conceal your yard and home from neighbors and passersby.

They are made from a type of plastic constructed using polyvinyl chloride, a.k.a. PVC. For this reason, you may see vinyl fencing, also referred to as PVC fencing—both mean the same thing.

Compared to traditional fencing, vinyl fencing is easier to maintain, has a much longer lifetime, and is often simpler to install.

Beyond that, there are many different styles of privacy fencing available. Manufacturing methods of vinyl privacy fencing have advanced rapidly over the past few decades. And today, vinyl fencing can be constructed in a wide range of colors, shapes, and even textures.

It’s no wonder vinyl is becoming one of the most common privacy fencing materials used today.

Are Vinyl Privacy Fences Hard to Maintain?

Certainteed Brookline Vinyl Privacy Fence

Certainteed Brookline Vinyl Privacy Fence

They are not.

In fact, vinyl privacy fencing is usually much easier to maintain compared to other fencing options.

Wood fences, for instance, should be repainted every 2 to 3 years.

On top of that, they should be thoroughly cleaned beforehand to make sure the new coat is adequately protecting the material underneath.

Wrought iron fences also require a lot of work to maintain.

Without regular cleaning (every six months or so) with soap and water, you risk the development of rust.

And when rust does develop, it can take lots of scrubbing to get rid of it. Some homeowners add a coat of paint to protect it even more, too.

A vinyl privacy fence, however, doesn’t require much maintenance at all.

If an especially intense St. Louis storm blows mud and grass on it, you may want to give it a spray with the hose.

But besides that, maintenance is relatively sparse compared to other materials.

How Much Does a Vinyl Privacy Fence Cost?

The price of your new vinyl privacy fence is going to depend on a lot of factors.

Factors like:

  • Colors used
  • Style
  • Size of yard
  • The shape of the yard (slopes, curves, etc.)
  • Additional design elements

However, according to Home Advisor, most homeowners spend between $2,000 and $5,000. That number will also rise the higher you want your new privacy fence.

All in all, the materials and installation costs break down to around $20 to $25 per foot.

Is Vinyl Or Wood Fence Cheaper?

Chesterfield Galveston Vinyl Privacy Fence

Chesterfield Galveston Vinyl Privacy Fence

A wood fence will typically be cheaper than a vinyl fence in terms of upfront costs.

According to Home Advisor, a wood fence will usually be around $10 to $20 per foot. Compare that to the $20 to $25 you can expect from a vinyl fence.

However, the upfront costs should not be the only cost you consider.

As mentioned earlier, a wood fence requires loads of maintenance—regular cleaning, power washing, repainting, etc. And all that should take place typically every 2 to 3 years.

On the other hand, Vinyl fencing needs just a quick spray with the hose any time it starts accumulating dirt.

Another consideration is overall lifespan.

The lifespan of a wood fence (adequately maintained) is just 15 years. A vinyl privacy fence averages 20 to 30 years. So when you consider both the maintenance costs and the lifespans of these two fence types, it’s clear that a vinyl fence is a more affordable option in the long run.

Compare and contrast a vinyl vs. wood privacy fence here.

Does Vinyl Fence Add to Value of a Home?

It certainly can.

More and more, prospective homeowners are steering away from the “short term” appeals of a house and are more interested in the “long term” investments that have already been made in a property.

And fencing, with a price tag of multiple thousands of dollars, is one of those more long-term investments.

The right fence can add a new layer of privacy to your backyard. It can increase security for your home. And it can help protect the children and pets you love.

For families interested in those benefits, a vinyl privacy fence included with their new home is undoubtedly going to be seen as a benefit. And as a result, that benefit can be reflected in the home’s value.

The trick, however, is finding the right kind of fence that’s made from quality materials and built by an experienced fencing expert.

Which Vinyl Privacy Fence Type Is Right for Me?

Many people are hesitant to choose a privacy fence because they feel it takes away from the beauty of the outdoors, limiting their views and affecting the aesthetics of their yard.

But with the options available from CertainTeed, the leading vinyl fence manufacturer, you can choose a style and color that complements your home and accents the natural beauty that surrounds it.

Best of all, it lasts for years to come, so your privacy is protected long after installation day.

Explore Vinyl Fencing

CertainTeed’s BuffTech® Vinyl Fencing Options

Three Available Textures

Bufftech Fence Colors & Textures (sample)

Bufftech Fence Colors & Textures (sample)

Mimic the look of wood privacy fences or choose a modern finish thanks to BuffTech’s choice of textures – including smooth, CertaGrain, or CertaStucco. Depending on your neighborhood and home design, you can find the perfect match for your property.

More Color Choices

From white to weathered gray to deep honey shades, privacy fences come in various colors to perfectly coordinate with your home. Plus, they are enhanced with ColorLast® fade-proof technology to hold their look year after year.

Strong, High-Quality Materials

When it comes to protecting your home or adding an extra level of security around your pool, you want a fence that can stand firm against St. Louis weather. BuffTech vinyl fencing includes steel-reinforced rails impervious to wind and storms and heavyweight pickets that resist warping and damage from possible impact.

Eye-Catching Accessories

Because privacy panels are solid, they can look cold or barren. Spice up your fence with attention-grabbing accessories or accents. Add style with a concave top, choose modern post toppers, go with a lattice accent. Privacy doesn’t have to mean boring!

Low-Maintenance Upkeep

Wood privacy fences can splinter, fade and rot, meaning you have to spend hours each year on repairs to keep them looking presentable. Because vinyl is a low-maintenance fencing material, it requires zero upkeep other than a quick spray with the power washer. You not only get privacy, but you also get more time to enjoy it!

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