Choose a Vinyl Privacy Fence to Protect and Secure Your Home

Vinyl Privacy Fence

Even in the friendliest of St. Louis neighborhoods, sometimes you just want a getaway all to yourself. A vinyl privacy fence can help you turn off the everyday chaos around you, creating an oasis free of intrusion, noise, and prying eyes. Just as important, it adds an extra level of protection to your home or pool so no one can get in or out without an invite from you.

When you’re choosing a privacy fence, skip the wood and discover why the benefits of vinyl fencing make it the best option for your home. With long-lasting, maintenance-free security, you can swim, sunbathe, or simply relax in your backyard without the rest of the world watching you!

More Vinyl Privacy Fence Options

Many people are hesitant to choose a privacy fence because they feel it takes away from the beauty of the outdoors, limiting their views and affecting the aesthetics of their yard. But with the options available from CertainTeed, the leading vinyl fence manufacturer, you can choose a style and color that complements your home and accents the natural beauty that surrounds it. Best of all, it lasts for years to come so your privacy is protected long after installation day.

Vinyl Privacy Fence
Vinyl Privacy Fence
Vinyl Privacy Fence

CertainTeed’s BuffTech® Vinyl Fencing Options

Three Available Textures

Mimic the look of wood privacy fences or choose a modern finish thanks to BuffTech’s choice of textures – including smooth, CertaGrain or CertaStucco. Depending on your neighborhood and home design, you can find the perfect match for your property.

More Color Choices

From white to weathered gray to deep honey shades, privacy fences come in a variety of colors to perfectly coordinate with your home. Plus, they are enhanced with ColorLast® fade-proof technology to hold their look year after year.

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Strong, High-Quality Materials

When it comes to protecting your home or adding an extra level of security around your pool, you want a fence that can stand strong against St. Louis weather. BuffTech vinyl fencing includes steel-reinforced rails that are impervious to wind and storms and heavyweight pickets that resist warping and damage from possible impact.

Eye-Catching Accessories

Because privacy panels are solid, they can look a bit cold or barren. Spice up your fence with attention-grabbing accessories or accents. Add style with a concave top, choose modern post toppers, go with a lattice accent. Privacy doesn’t have to mean boring!

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Low-Maintenance Upkeep

Wood privacy fences can splinter, fade and rot, meaning you have to spend hours each year on repairs to keep it looking presentable. Because vinyl is a low maintenance fencing material, it requires zero upkeep other than a quick spray with the power washer. You not only get privacy, but you also get more time to enjoy it!


Privacy Fencing to Secure Your Home in Style

Turn your backyard into the ultimate escape with vinyl privacy fencing that looks good, protects your property, and offers the privacy today’s busy homeowners crave.

Contact your St. Louis fence team at Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions, today! We are standing by to show you our full line of BuffTech vinyl privacy fences and schedule your free on-site estimate for low maintenance fencing.


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