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If you’re in the market for a new fence, in or around St. Louis, you can’t go wrong with vinyl fencing. It’s long-lasting, highly durable, and is virtually maintenance-free (unlike wood fencing). But finding the right fence company to work with, well—that’s a different story entirely.

If you’ve found yourself wondering, “How do I find the right vinyl fence company near me,” this guide is for you. Inside we go through seven specific things you need to know about how to settle on a fencing contractor that’s going to get the job done right. Plus, we’re also going to take a look at a few other must-knows when it comes to finding the right fence for you.

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What Should I Look for When Searching for a Vinyl Fence Company Near Me?Privacy Vinyl Fence

It isn’t uncommon for people to search “vinyl fence supply store near me” and simply call the first company that pops up.

But settling on the first company you find can lead to shoddy installation, low-quality results, and an unsightly fence that’s more of an eyesore than an asset.

That’s why it’s important to do your due diligence before hiring. Always be sure your contractor has the following qualities before working with them.

1. Plenty of Experience

As you’re searching for vinyl fence contractors, the very first thing you want to look at is experience.

How long have they been in business? And how much time have they had to build up the skills and vendor connections necessary to offer quality, affordable vinyl fence installation? In most cases, first-year startups may not be able to provide the same quality service and products as more established vinyl fence installation businesses.

As such, look for contractors that have at least ten years in the industry for the best results.

2. Great Reviews

Words only go so far. What matters are the results!

That’s why you need to be sure you’re checking customer reviews before you partner with a vinyl fence contractor.

Are their past customers satisfied, even thrilled, with their experience? Did the contractor live up to their standards?

Take care to look at reviews from a variety of sources, including on Google, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau.

3. Guaranteed Quality

If your vinyl fence installation company doesn’t stand by the quality of their work with a guarantee, it’s a sign you may want to head for the hills.

In most cases, the best manufacturers will provide manufacturer warranties. If the product is sub-par in any way or doesn’t last nearly as long as it should, this warranty protects you from fitting the costs of replacement.

On top of that, the installers themselves should offer some sort of satisfaction guarantee on the final product.

4. Superior Products

Speaking of the best manufacturers, you’ll want to be sure your contractor is only using the highest quality materials.

For instance, be on the lookout for those that carry American-made brands. These brands are often held to higher safety and manufacturing standards than others produced outside the USA.

On top of that, your vinyl fencing materials should also be relatively maintenance-free. After all, what’s the point of investing in a brand-new vinyl fence if you can’t enjoy the simple upkeep, long lifespan, and low maintenance requirements that this fencing type should offer?

5. Free Onsite Estimates

Last but not least, the highest quality vinyl fence installers won’t just provide free estimates. They’ll also offer free onsite estimates.

No two outdoor spaces are the same. And while customers might provide the right measurements, the only way to accurately anticipate final costs is if the installer sees the area for themselves.

Elevation changes, interfering objects, delivery obstructions, and more can all contribute to hidden costs when not identified beforehand. And with a free onsite estimate, you can get a much clearer picture of how much you’ll be paying when all’s said and done.

What Types of Vinyl Fencing Are There?

Once you’ve found vinyl fence contractors that meet the qualities above, it’s time to settle on a fence type. Be sure to settle on an installer that offers a wide range of vinyl fencing types. That way, you can pick out which is right for your home.

Below are the most common vinyl fence types you’re likely to run into during your search.


Privacy Vinyl Fence

Vinyl privacy fences do more than just protect your backyard from the eyes of nosy neighbors and passersby. They also provide heightened security too.

So if you want your backyard to feel like a sanctuary, be sure to work with vinyl fence installers that offer plenty of vinyl privacy fence options.

You may also be interested in styling options that imitate natural materials.

More on:

Some fencing contractors like Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions provide vinyl fencing that looks and even feels just like wood or even stone; it’s called Simulated.

It could be the perfect touch to complement your home.

[ Vinyl vs. Wood Privacy Fences - A Compare & Contrast Guide ]


Semi Privacy Vinyl Fence

Sometimes a full privacy fence is just a bit too restrictive. And though you’d like to enjoy a bit of seclusion, you still want to be connected to the world outside your backyard.

That’s where semi-privacy fences come in.

The vinyl slats on this fence type are separated by a small yet noticeable gap.

As a result, you can still see a glimpse of what’s beyond your property line.

What’s more, it’s great for pets who love sniffing all the interesting smells blowing through the neighborhood.


Contemporary Vinyl Fence

The most popular type among most vinyl fence contractors, the contemporary style is also one of the most affordable.

This style features parallel top and bottom solid rails with pickets that are contained in between the two.

As such, the only parts of the fence that rise above the top rail are the posts (rather than the pickets themselves).

Posts and railing also come in a variety of styles too.


Traditional Vinyl Fence

For a timeless look that calls back to the days of white picket fences, there’s the traditional style vinyl fence.

The traditional style offers all the quaintness and nostalgia of a normal picket fence.

However, the exceptionally durable vinyl material holds plenty of benefits over the wood-alternative.

For instance, a vinyl fence in this style:

  • Will not rot
  • Will, not chip
  • Doesn’t require regular repainting
  • Can be easily washed and cleaned
  • Lasts for decades

Classic Classic Vinyl Fence

Similar to the traditional style, classic styles have spaced pickets that protrude through the top rail too.

However, they also terminate at the bottom rail, leaving most of the styling to the upper portion of the fence.

Added to that, the classic style offers more exciting design elements like multi-length pickets.

Post & Rail

Finally, there’s post and rail-style vinyl fencing.Post Rail Vinyl Fence

Designed primarily for a more “rural” feel, the post and rail style offers aesthetic appeal, durability, and versatility.

They’re also exceptionally weather-resistant and built to withstand almost anything nature can throw at them.

This fence style also may come with realistic wood-grain finishes and color options.

What Is the Best Vinyl Fencing Manufacturer?

Most vinyl fence contractors would agree that Bufftech from Certainteed offers the best in vinyl fencing manufacturing.

Bufftech offers long-lasting aesthetics, superior performance, and the highest-grade protection in the vinyl fencing industry.

Added to that, they have plenty of designs and styles to choose from.

Bufftech’s warranty is also second to none and is particularly strong when it comes to vinyl problems like color fading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few frequently asked questions you might find helpful if you’re asking yourself, “What do I need to know when looking for a vinyl fence company near me?”

Is a Vinyl Fence Worth It?

A vinyl fence does tend to cost more than a wood fence in some cases.

However, it offers a superior lifespan, greater durability, lots of variety in styles and colors, and is virtually maintenance-free.

Wood fences, on the other hand, are much harder to maintain properly. Plus, they often need to be replaced far sooner than a vinyl fence.

In the end, a vinyl fence may require a greater upfront investment.

But it’s an investment that pays out more than other fence types.

Does Vinyl Fence Add to Value of Home?

It certainly can.

A high-quality and properly installed vinyl fence provides plenty of benefits, including:

  • Better backyard security
  • Protection for children and pets
  • Styles that complement your home’s architecture
  • Superior privacy from neighbors and passersby
  • Long-lasting durability

As such, the right fence may help increase the value of your home.

The Best Vinyl Fence Contractors Near St.Louis

Vinyl fences are without a doubt some of the best fence types on the market today.

They require little to no maintenance, have an especially long lifespan, come in a variety of styles and colors, and give your home the privacy and security you need. But to get the most benefits out of your new vinyl fence, you need to find the right contractor.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand what qualities you need to be on the lookout for when finding your vinyl fence installation company.

And if you’re looking for a vinyl fence expert near St. Louis, look no further than Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions.

At Maintenance Free, we’re proud to offer the best products, expertise, and vinyl fence installation experience in the greater St. Louis area. With our competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and superior craftsmanship, it’s no wonder why we’ve earned consistently great reviews over our 25+ years in business.

So if you’re ready to reap all the benefits of vinyl fencing, get in touch with us today for your free onsite estimate now!

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