Choosing the Right Vinyl Fence Style – The Best Option for Homeowners

Vinyl Fence Style

You finally made up your mind. After choosing between wood or vinyl fencing and weighing the pros and cons of each, you’ve determined a vinyl fence is the best option for your St. Louis home (wise choice, by the way!)

While your decision is a smart one, it’s just the first of many you’ll have to make as you narrow down your options. With a variety of vinyl fence styles, textures, colors, and accessories available, finding your perfect match can send your head spinning. But when you dig deeper into your needs and talk with an experienced contractor about design, you can rest assured your new fence will be picture perfect.

Shifting Through Vinyl Fence Styles and Types

As with any big home improvement project, you can’t just jump in without taking the time to research your options. Here are three steps that can help you through this process:

Select the Right Fence Style for Your Home

From a traditional picket fence to a rustic post and rail to a contemporary design, vinyl fencing comes in a number of unique styles. In addition, Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions carries an array of in-demand colors, such as white, almond, and weathered gray.

It’s important to know which style and color would look best with your home. While white vinyl fencing compliments any house, it’s particularly well-suited for Georgian and Cape Cod-style homes. A more modern or brownstone-style residence, on the other hand, may look better with a faux wood-inspired vinyl fence.

Vinyl Fence Style

Take a drive around local neighborhoods or flip through some design magazines for inspiration. A design consultant at Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions can also guide you in the right direction.

Determine Your Fence’s Use

Do you want to enhance your home’s privacy? Provide a barrier between your kids and your swimming pool? Keep your pets inside your yard – and pests out of it?

The variety of vinyl fence styles means you’ll need to choose an option that best fits your most pressing needs. A picket thru rail fence is aesthetically pleasing and stops your kids from running out in the road. However, it offers little privacy and easily allows a smaller dog to slip through. A privacy fence offers enhanced security but can block the view beyond your yard.

Select the Right Height

The first factor to consider is whether or not your municipality or homeowners’ association has restrictions regarding the height and placement of a fence. A higher fence may require a permit or variance for installation.

Once you get the “okay” from your city and/or The Homeowner’s Association, choosing the height is next. If you have a pool, for instance, the International Code Council (I.C.C.) recommends that your fence should be at least 48” tall with spacing between pickets limited to less than 4” to prevent kids from sneaking over or through. If you have a large dog that’s prone to jumping, such as a Labrador or Golden Retriever, you may want to consider a fence style that’s 5-6’ high.

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Finding the Right Vinyl Fence Style in St. Louis

When you need help choosing between vinyl fence types, our design and installation experts at Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions can help. By offering a full line of vinyl fence options, we know what will work – and not work – for your home to help you pick the fence that’s perfect for you. Plus, we’ll go over the cost to install a vinyl fence, so there are no surprises on installation day. Contact us today for your free at-home vinyl fence estimate.


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