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Vinyl Fence Reviews: How To Know If It’s Right For Your St. Louis Area Home

Vinyl fence reviews to help you decide if a vinyl fence is right for your St. Louis area home

If you are considering a vinyl fence for your home, yard, pool, or managed property, it pays to check out vinyl fence reviews to see what others are saying.

Trouble is, there is no one place to find vinyl fence reviews generally. But we did the hard work for you, unearthing dozens of online reviews and finding the common themes–and of course, we also talked with our own customers to see what they thought of their vinyl fencing from Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions.

Vinyl Fence Reviews: Summary of Benefits

Overall, we found five common reasons customers love their vinyl fence coming up again and again in the best vinyl fence reviews:

  • They increase the value of your home. Fences, in general, can increase the value of your home; vinyl fences, in particular, have a number of benefits that help it retain its value.
  • They are virtually no-maintenance. Vinyl resists the elements well, especially in places like St. Louis where we get all types of weather. Because of this, it does not require the priming, painting, and patching that a wood or metal fence often needs. A quick spray with the garden hose is all you need to clean your fence.
  • They last. Vinyl fencing stays sturdy with time and is particularly resistant to pests. A vinyl fence will stay standing well after a wooden fence has begun to rot away.
  • They deter climbing as well as provide privacy. This depends on the kind of fence you purchase: Many styles of vinyl fence come in complete panels without spaces, which means no footholds for climbing and no spaces where others can see in. If security and privacy are concerns for you, then vinyl fence panels are the way to go!
  • They also look great. Let’s face it, curb appeal matters. Because vinyl fencing is so durable and easy to clean, it almost always looks like new. Many fences can be gotten with a stone or brick pattern, imitating the look of stone. It’s both rustic and trendy!

As far as drawbacks, some reviewers cite the higher initial price of vinyl–though keep in mind that cheaper options might cost more in the long run. Some reviewers also didn’t like the look of vinyl, though these tend to be reviews of older styles of vinyl fences that indeed had a more “plastic” look. Modern faux-stone fences get around this worry, for example.


Vinyl fence reviews to help you decide on a kind of fence for your St. Louis area home

Helpful Vinyl Fence Reviews

  • “The new fence is absolutely beautiful and my yard looked better than when they started.”
  • “I had a MASSIVE wind storm that blew over a tree in my neighbor’s yard but somehow the fence stood like a champ with no issues, which surprised me.”
  • “…the fence does look nice and it does the trick as far as privacy.“
  • “Several years ago I bought [vinyl fence panels] and hardware to cover up pool pump/equip…It still looks great today… I definitely recommend this product for a quick, sturdy, inexpensive way to cover up items you want out of sight or for a complete fence.”
  • “This fencing is everything it’s advertised to be. VERY happy with the quality and the ability of it to rack as the terrain changes… Quality is the first rate and although it was just put up a couple days ago, I’ve already received compliments on how ‘beautiful’ it looks.”
  • “Great ! Even under the worse weather condition (Lots of rain).”
  • “15 years ago two-thirds of my yard was their product. Still great looking. Finally got to take down neighbors wooden fence, it was actually falling down! …[Our vinyl fence] improves the resale value of our home with never any maintenance.Great product.”
  • “We had a vinyl fence put in at our house and it looks great. It was a short run of fence. It changes the look of our backyard, for the better!”

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For a list of reviews of our company specifically, Maintenance Free Outdoor Solutions, see our webpage: https://maintainfree.com/reviews/. We collect review from across the web, including Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, and the Better Business Bureau.

Man thinking about what fence he wants after reading vinyl fence reviews.

Is Vinyl Fencing Right for Your St. Louis Area Home?

We’ve found that vinyl fencing is a particularly good choice for homeowners in the St. Louis area (this includes the city, county, and St. Charles County). From talking with customers and helping them with their fencing needs, we’ve found:

    • Vinyl fencing holds up to the ups and downs of St. Louis weather. This includes high heat and humidity in the summer, freezing temperatures in the winter, and lots of rain in between.
    • Vinyl fencing resits pests. Have you had carpenter bees in a wood fence or deck? Or carpenter ants? Termites? These are common pests in the St. Louis area that live in, or consume wood– and they all leave vinyl fencing alone.
    • You can maintain your home’s historic charm. Many homes in the St. Louis area are older and have a certain “historic charm.” We can help you choose a vinyl fence that preserves that charm while giving you maintenance-free privacy and security.
    • Prices are competitive. We have the some of the most competitive prices in St. Charles and St. Louis.

Are you ready to make the leap?

Get a free estimate today–or, if you are not ready, feel free to contact us with your questions.


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