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Why We’re St. Louis’ Best Value Fencing

white value fencing made out of vinyl

Sometimes, you don’t want to put a huge investment into a fence. Maybe an expensive fence is outside your budget, or maybe you’re looking for something to quickly and easily improve the value of a home you are selling. If this is you, you are in the market for value fencing.

So what kinds of fencing gives you the most value for your dollar? For the best overall value fencing, vinyl fencing (or pvc fencing) is the way to go.

white house with value fencing

Why Homeowners Prefer Vinyl Fencing

What is vinyl fencing? Vinyl fencing—also called pvc fencing or pvc value fencing— is a type of plastic fence made with polyvinyl chloride. It can come in variety of shapes and sizes, either mimicking the look of a traditional fence or providing a unique, beautiful, and private barrier for your yard and home.

So what makes vinyl fencing such a great bargain for homeowners?

  • It’s durable. Vinyl fences don’t rot or splinter like wood, nor rust like iron. They also hold up to the sun and rain better than most other fencing materials.
  • It holds its color. Forget painting and staining every year. You can order vinyl in the color you need, saving on finishing (and refinishing).
  • It’s virtually maintenance free. Vinyl fencing needs little investment in upkeep or repairs. Simply hose it off from time to time to keep it clean, and you vinyl fence will look good for years to come.
  • It’s pleasing to see. This isn’t your father’s cheap plastic fencing! Vinyl fences these says come in a variety of styles. Some are made to look like traditional wooden fences or lattices when seen from the street. Others come in decorative panels, with a number of cool-looking adornments.
  • It offers more privacy. Don’t want the neighbors looking in? There’s a style of vinyl fence for you. Get one without gaps, and you’ll effectively wall off your outdoor space.
  • It increases home values. Almost any professionally done fence will increase a home’s value somewhat. A fence that look good, offer privacy, and takes nothing to maintain will increase your home’s value even more!
  • It’s moderately priced. If you find a good reputable dealer, vinyl can really be a great example of value fencing. It’s not nearly as expensive as steel, but retains its value much better than wood or chain link.

Comparing Vinyl Value Fencing

Still not sure if vinyl is for you? Check out our other head-to-head comparisons:

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Vinyl Fence Costs

Remember, be sure to get an on-site estimate for your fence, and use this opportunity to ask about different options!

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Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions provides free in-home estimates throughout the St. Louis metro region. Plus, our friendly fencing experts are ready and willing to answer all your questions. Start now, and start planning ahead.

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Is Vinyl Fencing A Good Choice for My St. Louis Area Home?

In short, yes! We’ve found that vinyl fencing is a particularly good choice for homeowners in the St. Louis area:

  • Vinyl fencing holds up to the St. Louis weather. This includes high heat and humidity in the summer, freezing temperatures in the winter, and lots of rain in between.
  • Vinyl fencing resits pests that are common to the region, such as carpenter bees.
  • Tastes vary; Vinyl fencing is extremely customizable and available in a wide range of styles, colors and finishes, ensuring a perfect fit with your home.
  • Our prices are competitive. If you truly are looking for value fencing, price is important. We have the some of the most competitive prices in St. Charles and St. Louis city and county.

Explore you options now by checking out our vinyl fencing options. Or, you can contact us now to arrange your free on-site estimate.

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