Types of Privacy Fences, a Guide for Homeowners

Certainteed Chesterfield with CertaGrain Texture and Spindle Accent

Being a home-owner comes with all kinds of tough decisions. One of those is whether or not to have a privacy fence, and which kind you should get.

Privacy fences offer safety, security, and peace of mind, so you want to get one that does its job and doesn’t require much upkeep through the years. Fences also become part of your property’s landscape, so you will want an attractive fence that matches the style of your home.

Let’s break down the different types of privacy fences, the different styles, and the best options for your home or business to make this decision easier.

Here is what you will learn:

What Are Privacy Fences?

Most neighborhood homes have fences surrounding the perimeter of the backyard and distinguish your property from your neighbors. Having a fence allows you to fully enjoy your outdoor space without disruptions or feeling like you’re being watched.

Fences make for great neighbors. They’re also attractive and add to your home’s value, so they’re an excellent investment. There are two types of fences that accommodate all these requirements: privacy fences and semi-private fences.

Privacy fences have no gaps between pickets, offering you ultimate and complete privacy from your neighbors. They are usually around six feet tall.

There are several types of privacy fence materials and looks. We offer the Bufftech privacy line, which features our exclusive CertaGrain® authentic woodgrain texture— plus an expansive color offering including unique, darker shades and semi-transparent stain blends that further enhance the look of real wood.

Semi-private fences are between four and six feet tall and feature slight spacing between the pickets to allow light and air to enter while still offering just the right amount of privacy.

Both options will add to your home’s value, so which one you choose depends on your needs and desires.

Certainteed Chesterfield CertaGrain Texture

Certainteed Chesterfield CertaGrain Texture

What Is the Best Type of Privacy Fence?

You can choose several materials for your privacy fence, but we are big advocates for vinyl fences. In the past, wood and chain link fences were popular; however, both materials require tedious maintenance, upkeep over the years and don’t last near as long as a maintenance-free privacy fence.

Vinyl fences are beautiful and maintenance-free, so you can enjoy them for years without adding extra work for you.

However, not all vinyl fences are the same.

One of the top vinyl fence brands on the market today is CertainTeed. They use high-quality raw materials designed for durability. Their vinyl privacy fences are protected from becoming cracked and brittle, which extends the life of their fences far beyond other fence types.

Certainteed uses a high percentage of titanium dioxide, which protects the vinyl from UV rays. They also use steel-reinforced bottom rails for a more substantial fence, preventing the chance of sagging.

If you plan to invest in a vinyl fence, invest in the best privacy fence to get the most from your investment.

What Are the Different Types of Privacy Fences?

Another benefit of vinyl fences is the versatility of their look. They are beautiful and can come in different styles and colors to match your home. We offer a premium selection of Bufftech vinyl fences, Bufftech molded privacy fences, and Bufftech vinyl semi-privacy fences.

Bufftech privacy fences come in various authentic woodgrain textures, colors, styles, and decorative accents.

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Bufftech molded privacy fences look like a beautiful stone or wood wall and offer excellent privacy and security. Allegheny has the appearance of natural granite stone and Sherwood offers beautiful deep-grain wood textures.

Finally, Bufftech vinyl semi-privacy fences offer the most versatile design options, increase light and airflow, and still provide the right amount of privacy.

Certainteed Breezewood Select Cedar

Certainteed Breezewood Select Cedar

What Are the Most Popular Privacy Fences?

No matter what you choose, your fence should be of good quality. However, there are options to level-up your fence and have a fancier one as a result. Let’s look at a few of our favorite styles.

  • Really Good: the New Lexington Vinyl Privacy Fence. New Lexington is the most popular and least expensive vinyl privacy fence that we offer. It’s available in a white or almond color and can be four, five, or six feet tall.
  • Even Better: the Chesterfield Smooth Vinyl Privacy Fence. The Chesterfield Smooth textured vinyl privacy fence has been wind load tested to withstand up to 115 miles per hour winds. This is an excellent option for both home and commercial properties.
  • The Best: the Chesterfield CertaGrain Vinyl Privacy Fence. Bring the timeless beauty of painted wood fencing to your backyard thanks to the Chesterfield with CertaGrain™, Bufftech easy-care, wood-look privacy fence. CertaGrain provides an authentic, wood-like appearance and texture you won’t find on any other vinyl fence products.

Which Type of Privacy Fences Last the Longest?

Vinyl fences are hands down superior to wood fences thanks to their durability and maintenance-free characteristics. Let’s breakdown the facts around both materials.

Since wood is a natural material, it breaks down over time. While it can last about 20 years, it will begin to splinter, rot, sag, and peel during that time.

To prevent the wood from breaking down, you have to treat it with a protective sealant to keep it in good shape.

Wood also requires regular painting and staining to look good throughout the years you have it, and it’s susceptible to termite and insect damage. To maintain wood, you will have to paint or stain it annually, mainly due to Missouri climates.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is maintenance-free material. It’s incredibly durable and does not chip or fade. It also does not require painting or staining, and it’s resistant to termite and insect damage.

Vinyl is also better at resisting extreme temperatures, wind, rain, and humidity, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged.

With all of the benefits of a vinyl fence, it’s a far better investment than a wood fence as it will save you time, money and prevent headaches over the years. You’ll be thrilled having invested in vinyl and no longer have to deal with problems from your wood fence.

How Tall Should a Privacy Fence Be?

Privacy fences can range in size, depending on your preferences and needs. Traditionally, they range from four to eight feet in height.

Taller fences are ideal for completely concealing backyard activity. If you have items in your backyard that you don’t want easily seen, such as backyard furniture, a play place, or a trampoline, choose a taller fence. Pet owners with large dogs may also prefer a taller fence.

If you prefer to let in more light and airflow into your backyard, go with a shorter semi-private fence. They act more like a screen between you and your neighbors, but they can still offer ample privacy without totally closing the space in.

They’re great for transitioning from private to public property. If your property borders a public park, you might prefer a semi-private fence.

Other Types of Fences

Along with privacy fences, we also offer fence options for pools and containing pets. There are several types of fences for pools and pets, but we believe that Bufftech vinyl fences are hands down the best option for your home.

Count on a Privacy Fence Contractor

Maintenance-Free Advantage

Maintenance-Free Advantage

If you’re looking to install a privacy fence in St. Louis, use a contractor with experience that you can trust. You will have your fence for several decades, so you want it installed correctly to hold up throughout the years.

At Maintainance Free Outdoor Solutions, Inc., we’ve been installing maintenance-free fences around St. Louis for homes and businesses since 1994. We offer competitive everyday pricing, long-term warranties, and high customer review ratings to back up our quality.

Our purpose is to satisfy every customer, whether you need full-service or materials only. You can shop our fences online, request a quote, visit our showroom, or schedule a no-pressure onsite estimate visit.

Read more on our maintenance-free advantage to see why we’re truly the best in value choice for a privacy fence.

Install a Fence That Lasts a Lifetime

When you invest in a Certainteed Bufftech vinyl privacy fence, you also get a lifetime guarantee. The lifetime limited warranty includes exclusive SureStart™ protection, which covers warranted repair and replacement costs five years after installation on all extruded products.

Feel secure and comfortable in your home and outdoor living space. Invest in a high-quality, maintenance-free, and attractive fence that will last for generations.

For more information on the types of privacy fences, and to view the different styles, explore our privacy fences, or browse our inventory catalog.

To explore options for your home or business, contact us today to get your free installation estimate.

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