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A quick tour of St. Louis neighborhoods quickly confirms it: our community is full of character. From the historic charm of Lafayette Square, Carandolet, and Soulet, to the small-town vibe of Kimmswick, Maplewood, and Kirkwood, each of the city’s neighborhoods brings its own unique vibe, and with it, its own take on residential living. That’s just one of the reasons why St. Louis fencing is so wide-ranging: the type of fence you see in St. Louis neighborhoods depends on the area’s architecture, culture, and history.

At Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions (MFOS), we’ve been installing the best in St. Louis fencing for more than 20 years. Every day, we talk with folks interested in learning more about our various vinyl, aluminum, ornamental steel, and simulated stone fencing products — including which types of fencing is best for their yard and neighborhood.

Fencing Types for Your Yard

Choosing the right fence for your home is a personal decision, but we’d love to help you out with a look at four of our most popular St. Louis fencing products for your yard:

Vinyl Fencing 

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For many St. Louis homeowners looking for the best in style and durability, vinyl fencing is a great option. Many of our St. Louis customers are surprised to learn how customizable vinyl fences are — in fact, we offer vinyl fencing in six distinctive styles, available in a wide array of colors and finishes, along with stylish accessories. In St. Louis’ suburban neighborhoods, vinyl is a cost-effective choice that withstands the heat and sun of summer and the winter elements with ColorLast® fade protection, steel-reinforced rails, and heavyweight pickets.

Many homes in St. Louis have swimming pools, and vinyl privacy fences are a popular choice — that doesn’t require the constant upkeep of wooden privacy fences. But a wide variety of other vinyl fence styles — including contemporary, traditional, classic, and post-and-rail ensure there’s a vinyl fence that complements your home. For those living in suburban St. Louis or the surrounding rural communities, traditional, classic, and post-and-rail vinyl fencing are popular choices, offering a timeless look and unmatched durability.

Aluminum Fencing

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For St. Louis homeowners seeking unparalleled strength and durability, aluminum fencing is a popular choice. Our residential-grade aluminum fencing is manufactured to exceed industry standards and is rated “Super Durable” by the fencing industry, so it’s the perfect St. Louis fencing for those who want the best for strength and security, without sacrificing on style. Far superior to unsightly chain link, aluminum fences are available in six distinctive styles and six attractive colors. Highly customizable, aluminum are available with a number of stylish accessories like ball caps, tri and quad finials, circles and butterfly scrolls.

Ornamental Steel Fencing

ornamental steel_types of fences

For those looking for security and classic style, ornamental steel delivers the best in St. Louis fencing. Often preferred by those with older, more stately homes, ornamental steel fences offer the timeless look and strength of traditional wrought iron, without any of the time-consuming, expensive maintenance. Our ornamental steel fences are manufactured with a maintenance-free E-Coat that provides maximum corrosion protection in our hot and humid environment.

In the gently rolling terrain found outside the city, ornamental steel is an attractive St. Louis fencing option because it is designed specifically to negotiate even the most challenging terrain.

Simulated Stone Fencing


Among all the St. Louis fencing options, none is more unique than simulated stone. Simulated stone fences mirror the look and feel of real granite at a fraction of the cost. We often recommend simulated stone fences for St. Louis homeowners looking for backyard privacy and unparalleled style.

Additionally, our simulated stone fences are perfect for those living in busy St. Louis suburbs, offering excellent sound-proofing capabilities. Made of polyethylene and reinforced with galvanized steel, our SimTek simulated fences are the perfect St. Louis fencing option for our sunny and unpredictable climate: these simulated stone fences are designed to withstand wind gusts up to 130 mph, and UV12 inhibitors minimize fading.

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