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Which Pool Fence Do Your Friends and Neighbors Prefer?

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Having a fence around your pool is just as important as having chlorine in the water. A pool fence helps you keep unwanted swimmers out, and keep young children in. Really, a pool without a fence is just a liability. Plus, pools look better when they have a fence around them, and they give you privacy from nosy neighbors and street traffic. If you’re planning on adding a pool, find out which 4 fence options are the most popular in St. Louis.

Important Considerations for a Pool Fence

Before we dive into specific choices it’s important to consider a few factors that may affect your final selection. First, fencing regulations vary from county to county and that may mean your top choice is not permitted by law. Be sure to check if you are subject to any prohibitions. Second, your neighbor or homes association may also have rules about fences. These rules are just as binding and breaking them can be costly. Finally, any fence you put up becomes a part of your whole home aesthetic. Make sure to consider how it will look not just around your pool but in relation to everything else on your property.

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Top 4 Pool Fences in St. Louis

At Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions we have sold and installed a LOT of pool fences over the years. These are the ones that have proved to be the most popular in terms of both looks and utility:

54″ 3 Rail Residential Grade Aluminum
– This type of fence imitates the look of wrought iron but is less expensive and easier to maintain. Plus, since the pool is surrounded but not obscured, you can keep an eye on swimmers without being right next to the pool. The most popular styles are EFS-10, EFS-15, EFF-20, EFF-25.

48″ Commercial Grade Aluminum 2 Rail Lifegard
– This style is particularly popular at apartment complexes and commercial pools because it meets the standards set by the 1996 Bocca pool code.

Lexington Vinyl Privacy Fence 6′ –
If you want to swim in private this is the fence for you. It offers a clean, simple design that does not permit anyone to peek in. Vinyl is also a highly durable material that requires essentially no maintenance over the lifetime of the fence

48” Contemporary Vinyl Fences –
This style of fence does not offer the privacy of the previous entry, but it is a lot more stylish. You can be sure that you’re upgrading the look of your entire property when you put one of these fences in. The most popular looks include Baron, Countess, Monarch and Princeton.

Find Your Pool Fence at Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions

When you’re ready to fence in your pool, find the most popular styles and a lot more at Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions. In the meantime, download our free ebook to learn about all the benefits of working with maintenance free materials like vinyl and aluminum.

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