Deck Installation Tips

Simple Strategies to Improve Your Decking Installation

So you know that you are getting the job done right.

You can buy the most expensive decking materials in the world, but if they are not installed properly your deck won’t look or function beautifully. That’s why it’s so important to approach the decking installation process carefully. Here are ten tips to help you avoid some of the most common problems.

Deck Installation Tips:

1. Pick the Right Materials: There is a huge variety of decking materials available. It’s important to consider more than just looks, though. Go with an option that will stand up to the elements and look like new for years to come.

2. Get a Permit: Depending on the size and height on your new deck you may need to get a permit before you build. Neglecting to get one can create headaches and hassles for you down the road.Deck Designs

3. Create a Design: You can get as creative as you want with your deck design. Carefully consider your options for placement, size, shape, and features. It can be helpful to work with a simple design program.

4. Focus on the Footings: The footings are the foundation of your deck and essential to its long-term safety and stability. Make sure your footing meets local codes and extends deeper than the frost line.

5. Level Your Ledger: The ledger is the large beam that actually connects your deck to you home. Again, follow any applicable codes, and take special care to install the ledger so that it is level.

6. Build a Square Support Frame: Once the ledger is attached it’s time to install the joists. It’s important to take careful measurements and work with the right equipment to ensure that your joists are properly squared.

7. Inspect Your Floor Boards: If you are using wooden floor boards you will need to inspect each one carefully for imperfections like knots and curves. A simple solution is to use a material that is of a more consistent quality than wood, such as composites.

8. Select Your Fasteners: You have several options for fasteners depending on the look you want to achieve. Regardless of what you choose, make sure it is rated for exterior use.

9. Space Your Boards: Your wooden floor boards will expand over time as they are exposed to the weather. For that reason, you will need to leave at least 1/8 inch between the boards. Again, this is not an issue if you use a material that is impervious to the weather.

10. Stain and Seal: Your wooden deck won’t be finished until you apply a stain and seal. Working with products that don’t require stain or seal lets you skip this step entirely.

Decking Installation is Easy with MFOS

We sell decking materials that are specifically designed to be easy to install and maintain. Not only are they easier to work with than wood, they look a lot better for longer. You can visit us to find a huge selection of these maintenance-free materials. And if you would rather leave your decking installation up to a professional we can help you with that too. Get a free estimate to discover how affordable maintenance-free decking options really are.

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