Staining a Deck 101 – Expectations Versus Reality

Staining a Deck

A wood deck offers months of family fun in the great outdoors. It also requires hours, if not days, of deck maintenance each year to keep that fun going strong.

According to industry professionals, wood decking needs to be stained every two to three years to keep it in tip-top shape. But in St. Louis, staining a deck may be required more often thanks to fading and wear from summer’s blistering sun and winter’s ice and snow. In most cases, decks take on a two-tone look as the vertical railings keep their shade while horizontal floors and steps take the beating from use and weather.

The Reality of Wood and the Maintenance of Staining a Deck

As a homeowner, you have two choices – you can hire a professional decking company to update your deck, which can cost between $500 and $1,500, or handle the maintenance yourself. If you take a hands-on approach to staining a deck, prepare to spend up to $250 in materials and several days in order to make sure the job is done right the first time.

Before applying any stain, you must properly clean and dry your deck to ensure a longer-lasting finish. You’ll need to remove stains, dirt, debris, and mildew with an oxygen bleach wood cleaner as well as eliminate any sealant present using a pressure washer. Rough, worn areas may also need to be sanded to ensure the application offers a smooth appearance from panel to panel.

Once the deck has dried for one to two days, you can apply two thin coats of stain or sealer using a paint roller, giving adequate time for the stain to dry between applications. Because you don’t want your stain to puddle, you may need to back-roll the finish into the wood using a roller or a broom for adequate coverage.

Skip the Steps and Let Go of the Maintenance

An easier option for a beautiful deck? Consider decking from Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions in St. Louis – it provides the look of hardwood without the hassle. As a leading deck contractor, we stock three deck material choices, including Capped Composite, Cellular PVC, and Vinyl, that complement your home’s unique aesthetics.

While each one offers its own advantages and style options, all of our maintenance-free decking provides superior protection against weather and use. By updating your old deck to a low-maintenance alternative, you can avoid the color fading synonymous with hardwood, the pitting and wear from the weather, and the splinters that can wreak havoc on bare feet. Not to mention your home’s resale value of installing maintenance-free decking versus the constant upkeep of wood. All the maintenance it requires is a quick spray with the hose to get rid of dirt and debris!

Best of all, all decking is professionally installed and includes a fade and stain warranty, so you can spend your summer relaxing on your deck instead of staining it. Rest assured of the quality while you rest the day away in your favorite hammock.

Turn to Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions for All Your Decking Needs

Save the time you’d spend staining a deck this spring, and instead begin preparing for your new deck installation. Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions decking experts can help design and install the perfect deck for your home. To schedule your free decking estimate and look over your options in person, contact Maintenance-Free today!  

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