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Are you planning a new fencing project for your home or business? Call MFOS, a family-owned fence company serving St. Charles Mo Since 1994.

With over 30 years of combined fencing experience, the Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions team offers our decades of installation expertise and consistent customer satisfaction on all our outdoor services. As an established fence company serving St. Charles, Missouri we have the skills and specialization to handle all your fencing needs – no matter how “unique” your yard may be! You won’t see any gimmicky coupons or sales pitches from us, just an every day good deal from people who work hard to do what’s best for our customers.

Whether you hope for a modern vinyl fence, want to install new decorative steel or security fencing, or purchase new composite decking, we always aim for excellence. As an A+ BBB-rated company with 4.8-star Google ratings and thousands of satisfied customers, our family-owned business is dedicated to delivering a superior service deserving of referrals.

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St. Charles Fence Installation

Fence Installation Services in St. Charles

Relax – Let Our Professionals Handle It For You

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence Installation Project In Fenton, MO

Our vinyl fencing is low maintenance, durable, and customizable to match your home’s style. It comes in various colors and designs like privacy or picket. Vinyl won’t rot, crack, or need repainting over time like wood fences. Let us install quality vinyl fencing to increase your home’s security and value.

>> Get A Vinyl Fence Installed

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Fencing

Our ornamental aluminum fencing is elegant, durable, and requires minimal upkeep. It mimics the look of wrought iron without the intenstive maintenance. Aluminum resists rust and corrosion for decades. We offer custom aluminum pool enclosures, boundaries, and privacy fences.

>> Aluminum Fence Installation

Steel Fence

Steel Fence

Ameristar makes durable and decorative steel fencing perfect for security and style. Their innovative design follows landscape contours and resists corrosion. We are authorized installers of Ameristar steel which requires no maintenance. It comes in black or bronze to match your property’s look.

>> See our Steel Fence Systems

Composite Fence

Commercial Composite Fencing

CertainTeed fencing realistically mimics natural stone and wood grain without the maintenance. Made to withstand decades outdoors, their proprietary material won’t fade, crack or need upkeep. CertainTeed offers styles from granite to fieldstone for boundaries and privacy. We proudly install “The Greatest Looking Fence on the Planet.”

>> Simulated Stone Fencing

Privacy Fencing

Vinyl Privacy Fence Installation Project In Fenton, MO

Create a secluded and tranquil outdoor space with our privacy fencing options. Choose from a variety of styles and materials to tailor your fence to match your aesthetic preferences while providing the privacy you desire.

>> See Our Best Privacy Fences

Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing

Ensure safety and compliance with local regulations by installing our pool fencing. Our pool fences not only enhance the safety of your pool area but also add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space.

>> We Offer Fencing Around Pools

Dog Fencing

Dog Fence Company Installation

Keep your furry friends safe and secure with our specially designed dog fencing solutions. From traditional picket styles to more modern designs, we offer fencing options that meet the unique needs of pet owners.

>> Fences For Dogs



We’re proud to offer the best products, expertise, and fence installation experience in O’Fallon and around St. Louis. With our competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and superior craftsmanship, it’s no wonder why we’ve earned consistently great reviews over our three decades in business.

Get The Advantage Of Our Fence Builders

Compare us to any local fence company; you will find that offer the most affordable options for such high quality products. We always work with integrity and never price gouge. Have peace of mind knowing all our fence installers are background-checked. 

Our team gladly takes the time to understands the unique needs of each customer, ensuring personalized solutions that wont leave you with regrets. From design to installation, we deliver durability and style without pushing you to compromise on budget.

That’s the Maintenance-Free Advantage.

Our Gallery Of Local Fence Projects

Get inspiration from our gallery of fence projects completed in St. Charles and around town, likely some near you.

We Know Soil Types In The Cities We Serve

Here’s What You Need To Know About Soil And Fence Posts

St. Charles and surrounding St. Louis areas encompass a fascinating array of soil types, each with its unique quirks. The experts at MFOS consider every detail when we install a fence post.

According to the USDA Web Soil Survey:

West St. Charles: This area, encompassing much of west St. Charles, is characterized by fertile loess soil.

Central St. Charles: Portions of central St. Charles, particularly south and east of Elm Street, belong to the Clay Belt.

North St. Charles: Areas along the Missouri River and its tributaries experience floodplain soils.

Southeast St. Charles: This area exhibits a mix of loess and clay soils, with pockets of sandy loam near Lewis and Clark State Park.

Soil types in the region and how our experts customize the fence installation procedure:

Clay Belt: (St. Charles, parts of Fenton, Barnhart, De Soto, High Ridge) – Heavy clay reigns here, known for its excellent water retention but the tendency to shrink and crack, impacting post stability. Our team at MFOS is on top of it! We utilize wider post holes, strategic gravel drainage, and specialized anchors that move with the soil, ensuring your fence stays upright through droughts and downpours.

Loess Plains: (Chesterfield, Ladue, Ballwin, parts of Manchester, Mehlville, Oakville, Kirkwood, Des Peres, High Ridge, and Festus) – This golden soil is a fencer’s dream, light and airy. But over time, it can settle, causing your fence to tilt. We combat this with wider posts, pressure-treated lumber, and strategic bracing, keeping your fence tall for years.

Floodplains: (Parts of Arnold, Fenton, De Soto, along the Mississippi River) – Shifting soil demands a flexible approach. We use deep-driven anchors that hold firm even when the river rises and flexible post sleeves that adapt to the soil’s movement. It takes a unique approach to help a fence survive high water.

Rocky Hills (Parts of Fenton, Barnhart, House Springs): Rocky terrain throws a curveball, but we’re ready! Our team utilizes specialized equipment like hydraulic augers and rock drills to create secure anchor points, ensuring your fence is strong against storms.

Other areas: (Imperial, O’Fallon, Cedar Hill, Madison County) – A diverse range of soil types, including loess, silt, and clay variations, calls for site-specific analysis. We offer free consultations to determine the best approach for your unique location.

Now that we’ve proven our expertise let’s build something beautiful together!

About St. Charles, MO

St. Charles, Missouri, the county seat of St. Charles County and part of the St. Louis metropolitan area, is steeped in rich history and modern charm. Founded circa 1769 by French-Canadian fur trader Louis Blanchette and originally named “Les Petites Côtes” (“The Little Hills”), St. Charles played a pivotal role in America’s westward expansion. It served as Missouri’s first state capital from 1821 to 1826 and was a significant departure point for the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1804. St. Charles is known for its beautifully restored historic district on the Missouri River, vibrant cultural scene, and as a hub for business and recreation.

Education and Employment:

  • High school graduates: 90.0%, showcasing a well-educated population.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher: 32.2%, reflecting a strong focus on higher education.
  • Labor force participation: 64.1%, with residents employed in diverse industries.
  • Family and Living:
    • Households: 27,138, with an average of 2.58 persons per household.
    • Family households: 68.5%, emphasizing the importance of family life in St. Charles.
  • Housing:

    • Owner-occupied housing: 78.1%, indicating a high prevalence of homeowner residents.
    • Median value of owner-occupied housing: $257,200, showcasing the higher housing costs compared to other areas we discussed earlier.
  • Population:

    • 70,321 residents, exhibiting a modest 4.71% increase since 2010.

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