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Improve Your Home Value With A Simulated Stone Fence

Backyard simulated stone fence surrounding a pool

If you’re considering a new fence for your yard, you’ve probably looked at the usual choices: Wood, steel, chain link. But stone is one of the oldest fencing materials in the world, mostly because of its striking appearance, strength, and ability to protect your property. Today’s simulated stone fence offers all of this, but with easier installation and more value on the dollar.

According to real estate agents, fencing is one of the top five features home buyers look for most when they buy a home. Home buyers often cite “privacy” and “looks” at the top two reasons they want a fence, and you can be sure those are the features they are looking for when home shopping.

Let’s look, then, at how simulated stone fences stack up when it comes to these features.

The “Stone Look” Vinyl Fence: Timeless Beauty

Inspiration for simulated stone fences: Stonehenge

Stone conveys to people the idea of strength and permanence. Many ancient wonders are built of stone and have weathered the test of time. Stones fences, for their part, have been part of the rustic look of our country for centuries.

A simulated stone fence perfectly mimics the unique look of stone, right down to the gradations in color and texture. From a distance, it is almost impossible to tell that the fence is not made from real, carefully crafted stone.

True, anyone touching the surface will be able to tell immediately that the fence is not stone…but in terms of looks, technology has got the look of stone down to a science (and offers it at a fraction of the cost).


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Stone Privacy Fences? A No-Brainer

One issue with your typical chain link, steel, or even wood picket fence is that there are gaps in the material. If what you are really looking for is privacy, these gaps could be an issue. Wood fences can get around this with a box design or similar design. But keep in mind that, over time, wood fences can rot, bend and warp, which creates its own gaps for prying eyes to look through.

Stone privacy fences were better, though more costly, way to ensure privacy (though they, too, can wear out and form gaps over time). A simulated stone fence does even better when it comes to privacy since the panels are constructed with no gaps at all. There is no way to see through them, thus there’s no chance of finding a gap or space.

Backyard simulated stone fence surrounding a pool for privacy

What About the Upkeep of a Simulated Stone Fence?

Sure, increasing the value of your home is important (especially if you are thinking of putting your house on the market soon). Then again, you might not be thinking about selling yet–and even if you are, houses don’t sell instantly.

Fortunately, upkeep and durability is where simulated stone fences shine. Most simulated stone or rock fences are made from Polyethylene, which is the same material used to make playground equipment. This unique material stands up to harsh weather without getting damaged, doesn’t warp in extreme temperatures, and doesn’t fade through all seasons of sun. One can’t say the same things about wood, steel, and stone.

Have More Questions about Simulated Stone Fencing?

When considering a fence, we know you’ll have questions. What kind of “looks” can I get? How much does stone fencing cost? How long does it take to install? We here at Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions would love to answer all of your questions. We’ll help you find the prices you want and give you the expertise you need to make the right decision.


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