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Simtek Simulated Stone Fence Supplier in St. Louis

Stone fence supplier

Enjoy the Unique Properties of a Simtek Simulated Stone Fence

Sturdy stone fencing finally made easy

Stone is the world’s oldest fencing material and remains one of the most popular. That’s because stone has a striking appearance, provides lots of protection around your property, and stands up to the worst of the elements. Unfortunately, stone is also expensive and hard to work with, forcing home and business owners to make compromises regarding their fencing upgrade. Luckily, a Simtek simulated stone fence provides all of the advantages and none of the disadvantages. As you look for ways to enhance your property, be sure to keep this unique option in mind.


As you can imagine, the cost of a natural stone fence is significant. Between sourcing the stone, transporting the stone, and working with the stone, the overall cost of the fence can tower above all other material options. The great thing about a Simtek simulated stone fence is that it looks like stone and acts like stone, but for a fraction of the cost. Don’t let your budget keep you from getting the fence you actually want.


From a distance or right up close you will have a hard time telling that a Simtek simulated stone fence is not made of real stone. The designers at Simtek have worked hard to create a product that perfectly mimics the unique look of stone, right down to the gradations in color and texture. And speaking of color, this product line is available in seven different colors, making it easy to match your new fence to the rest of your property. Once the fence is up, expect to get a lot of compliments about your new stone structure, not your simulated stone structure.


Simtek simulated stone fences are made from Polyethylene, which is the same material used to make playground equipment. This unique material is able to stand up to harsh weather without getting damaged, extreme temperatures without warping, and seasons of sun without fading. Plus, it offers excellent sound proofing characteristics and stands up well to graffiti. Expect your new simulated stone fence to retain its class and character for many years after installation.

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Make MFOS Your Simtek Simulated Stone Fence Supplier in St. Louis

Who says you can’t enjoy a stone fence at your property? As an alternative to wood, chain link, and other fencing materials, simulated stone is an option everyone should consider. Find the prices you want and the expertise you need by making Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions your Simtek simulated stone fence supplier in St. Louis. Let us provide you with a free estimate at your convenience.

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