What Type of Fence is Best for Your Restaurant?

Restaurant patio fence with a great sea view

Are you the owner or manager or a restaurant or bar? If so, you know how important the right atmosphere is for making your customers feel at ease. This goes not only for the inside of your establishment, but for the outside as well. This is where a restaurant patio fence or outdoor cafe fence comes in.

Why Care About Outdoor Fencing?

Fencing might seem like a little detail.

But being in the restaurant business, you know that it’s the little details that matter.

When you don’t pay attention to the flow of traffic into and around your outdoor area, or the views that your customers see when sitting, it can ruin what would otherwise be an enjoyable meal or cup of coffee!

For example, here are some of the complaints we hear about when restaurant and bar owners come talk to us about outdoor patio fencing for restaurants:

  • “People would just wander into and out of the space. Many times they would get in the way of the waitstaff.”
  • “The street was too busy– too many cars, too many people. It never seemed like a place you could sit and eat!”
  • “Our patio just didn’t feel secure. It was open, exposed.”
  • “There was an ugly building across the way, and it just ruined the vibe we were going for.”
  • “The parking lot. We didn’t have enough separation from the [parking] lot. Cars would park too close, or people would want to sit outside because you would just be staring at the other patrons’ cars.”

Restaurant patio fence with flower on the side and dinning tables on the other side

What Kinds of Fencing Are Best for Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes?

There are four main types of restaurant patio fence/sidewalk cafe barriers. These are categorized according to the material composing the fence:

Aluminum Fencing. Mimics the look of wrought iron fencing, available in a number of different styles. Benefits: Maintenance free; easy to install; decorative and elegant

Steel Fencing. Another alternative that mimics the look of wrought iron, but with much less maintenance. Benefits: Sturdy and durable while still being maintenance free; decorative and elegant

Vinyl Fencing. Vinyl is a very flexible material when it comes to manufacturing, and so vinyl fences can come in a number of different colors, styles, and heights. Benefits: More privacy than other kinds of fences; much more variation and flexibility in terms of the look, low maintenance (just needs occasional washing)

Faux Stone/Faux Brick.  Available in an array of different designs that mimic the look or real stone. You can choose panels that have the color and pattern that best fits your look. The panels also block unsightly views and can dampen 98% of all incoming direct sound. Benefits: Awesome natural or contemporary look for any outdoor space; most privacy; best sound dampening; low maintenance

Restaurant patio fence with flower on top in the side of the roadIdeas for Your Outdoor Restauant Fencing (or Other Outdoor Commercial Fencing)

So where do you start? Of course, you’ll want to get an official estimate after a full site review. But here are a few ideas to get your started:

Restaurant patio fences/Restaurant patio barriers

Outdoor patio fencing for restaurants must be eye-catching and give patrons a feeling of privacy in order to get that perfect atmosphere. You can create that atmosphere (or redefine the existing one) with SimTek faux stone fencing, which can give the space a private, natural feel. Or a more contemporary one, if you choose. If stone is not right for you, consider a clean-looking vinyl fence for privacy.

Sidewalk cafe barriers

Cafes thrive in areas with pedestrian traffic, but some separation is needed between patrons and passersby. A shorter aluminum fence or ornamental steel fence is a great way to do this. A simple barrier can make a small cafe look larger and more inviting, too.

Outdoor cafe fencing

Even if your outdoor seating is not close to foot traffic, you’ll want the area to feel secure. A taller aluminum or ornamental steel fence can mark off this outdoor area and send a warning to burglars that the area is secure. For a softer look, a vinyl fence can mimic the look of a residential wooden fence or deck.


Whatever fencing you consider, ask what the maintenance and upkeep is like. Nothing is worse than getting a “deal” on a restaurant patio fence, for example, only to have to discover that you have to paint and repair it year after year.

Take it from us. We’ve are experts in commercial fencing here in the St. Louis are and have been for years. We’ve helped many businesses get just the right fencing they needed. Why not let us help with yours?

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