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Defining PVC Fencing and its Role in the Fencing Market

PVC Fencing

With the growing demand for low-maintenance, high-quality fencing materials, PVC fencing (or polyvinyl chloride fencing) has skyrocketed to the top of many homeowners’ want lists. Unlike wood, PVC materials stand strong against storms, fade, and decay. This keeps your fence looking its best and it ensures it will last longer.

But what exactly is PVC fencing, and why is it such a mighty fortress against weather’s wrath here in St. Louis?

What is PVC Fencing?

Most often referred to as “vinyl” in the fencing world, PVC is a thermoplastic resin. It’s the world’s third-most-produced synthetic plastic. It’s used in a variety of markets, including bottling and packaging. When plasticizers are added, it becomes flexible, making it a sought-after material for construction, plumbing, and cable industries.

PVC, or plastic fencing, was introduced to the consumer market in the 1980’s. It was seen as a cost-effective, longer-lasting alternative to wood fencing. In fact, according to the American Fence Association, PVC fences are five times stronger than wood fences, and their ability to bend instead of break make them ideal for homeowners where wind and weather are a concern. In addition, PVC fencing can be manufactured to mimic the look and texture of wood fencing for aesthetic purposes.

Today, the demand for PVC fencing continues to grow. Researchers have found the plastic fencing market size is valued at more than $2.5 billion and is expected to grow another 5% over the next seven years.

The Benefits of Plastic Fencing for Homeowners

There’s a good reason St. Louis is making the switch to PVC fences – they offer the reliability and durability busy homeowners demand.

  • Reduced Fading. Because PVC contains ultraviolet inhibitors, it protects your fence against the sun’s rays. You no longer need to paint or stain your fence every year or two. Plus unlike metal fences, it doesn’t rot or warp.
  • Easy UpKeep. Maintaining the look of your vinyl fence is simple – just give it a quick spray with the hose to remove mold, dirt, and debris.
  • A Smoother Appearance. PVC fencing offers concealed fasteners, so nails are unnecessary. It also provides a seamless, secure transition between planks for a consistent look from panel to panel.
  • A Better Resale Value. Since PVC fences require little maintenance, it’s a key selling point if and when you put your home on the market.

Your Source for PVC Fencing in St. Louis

Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions carries a full line of PVC fences from Bufftech, the top-selling brand of vinyl fencing in the U.S. Available in a six beautiful styles and a variety of eye-catching colors, Bufftech PVC fencing offers the style you want as well as the strength needed to handle everyday living.

As tough as our plastic fencing is, all of our fences include a lifetime limited warranty for peace of mind as well as SureStart™ protection that covers repair and replacement costs for five years.

Visit our showroom to see all of the PVC fence choices available to you and discover why vinyl fencing may be a better option for your home. Contact Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions for your free PVC fence estimate today, and download our Maintenance-Free Living eBook for tips to make selecting, budgeting, and installing your fence.


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