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Real Stone & Woodgrain Looks – Without the Maintenance

How would you like to enhance your surroundings with the beauty of a stone wall, but without all of the expense or disturbance to your property?

Welcome to Certainteed Simulated Stone Fencing!

Hailed by us as “The Greatest Looking Fence On The Planet”, Certainteed simulated stone fencing has the look and feel of real granite and wood walls!

It’s made from polyethylene, which is the same type of plastic used to make Little Tikes™ playground equipment.

Besides the unique and attractive look of the product, other features of these simulate stone fences include excellent fade and impact resistance, thermal stability, soundproofing characteristics, and excellent graffiti resistance.

  • Certainteed Allegheny™ Stone Fencing

  • Certainteed Sherwood™ Woodgrain Fencing