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Ameristar Steel Fence Products

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ameristar is the largest ornamental fence manufacturer in the world. From its beginnings over a quarter-century ago, Ameristar concentrated on enhancing the aesthetic appearance of modern fence products, promoting ease of installation, while increasing strength & durability. Pursuing this focus, Ameristar designed and built a new, environmentally friendly, high-production facility. This resulted in the creation of the highest quality residential, commercial, industrial and high-end security fences in today’s marketplace. Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions is proud to bring this brand to the St. Louis area!

Browse Ameristar’s residential, commercial, industrial, and high security ornamental steel fences to see which is right for your application.

  • Ameristar Ornamental Steel Fence – Montage® (Residential Grade)

  • Ameristar Ornamental Steel Fence – Montage Plus® (Commercial Grade)

  • Ameristar Ornamental Steel Fence – Montage II® (Industrial Grade)