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Privacy Fence Guide – What You Need To Know

Privacy Fence by CertainTeed

Complete this sentence: Good ____ make good neighbors.  You got it! The answer is “fences.”  And privacy fences are an ideal way to make your home feel as secluded and private, while also adding attractive curb appeal that the entire block will appreciate.

Yet, it’s important to note that when you want to safeguard and shield your property, not just any privacy fence will do. As an example, a wood privacy fence will wear out and fade within a few years, defeating their entire purpose.

We strongly recommend you consider a privacy fence designed to last a lifetime, one that will consistently serve in securing and safeguarding your home, family, and pets alike.

Let’s walk through what makes the best privacy fence. If you’re ready to reclaim your backyard as your own, keep reading!

What Sets Privacy Fences Apart?

Privacy fences differ from other types of standard fencing in that they are specifically designed to serve as a visual barrier between your home and your neighbor, even those passing by.

Since privacy fences standard four to eight feet in height, they serve a specific homeowner and businesses the particular purpose of providing excellent privacy and security.

In most cases, a privacy fence will feature a solid infill, meaning you won’t see any gaps between the slats. That doesn’t mean privacy fences aren’t attractive. You can add decorative flair, such as latticework, to the top to enhance its aesthetic appeal and complement your backyard decor.

This crisscross material allows you to have some level of visibility at the top of the fence but doesn’t detract from the concealment below.

If you do opt for a stylish addition, it’s best to attach it above the four-foot mark, so the fence is still solid up to that point, maximizing privacy.

Why Consider a Privacy Fence?

Privacy Fence by CertainTeed

The most apparent reason to invest in a privacy fence is to add seclusion and security to your property.

Most homeowners choose to install a privacy fence between adjacent property lines, while others install them around their inground swimming pools to act as a barrier. Either way, why consider a privacy fence when there are so many different kinds of fencing materials and designs on the market?

We believe the answer lies in its multi-function practicality.

Not only does a privacy fence give you that sense of personal freedom that can be hard to come by in a busy neighborhood, but it also helps keep children and pets contained and protected.

Imagine, you can send the littlest members of your family outside to play and keep a close eye on them, confident that they’re safely restrained to a set perimeter. At the same time, the fence also helps to keep other animals out of your yard, so your furry friends are protected as well.

Along with homeowners, business owners can also benefit from privacy fences. A commercial version can protect your property from intruders, conceal high-profile clients, and give your staff members peace of mind. It also adds instant curb appeal and helps you impress customers, employees, and partners right out of the gate.

Full Privacy vs. Semi-Privacy Fencing – Which Is The Best For You?

Privacy Fence by CertainTeed

  • Semi-privacy fencing:  offers most of the same heights as full privacy, but the pickets are narrower and spaced farther apart. So, if you’re adding a pool and desire real privacy, a semi-private fence may not be ideal.
  • Full privacy fencing:  pickets are wider and installed edge to edge, creating a complete blockage to any visibility. If you desire to keep passerby’s and neighbors out of your business, a full privacy fence is a wise choice. Full privacy fences also keep unwanted critters off your property as some may squeeze through a semi-privacy fence.

You may consider combining semi-privacy and full-privacy fencing for your property where you use semi-privacy in the front or sides of your property where visibility isn’t as much as a need and full privacy in the back providing the utmost in privacy.

What Material Should Your Privacy Fence Be?

Chances are, you don’t want your privacy fence to look great for a short while and then deteriorate as years of heavy rain, fast winds and scorching sunlight hit against it.

As such, a traditional wooden fence doesn’t fit the bill. While wood privacy fences are initially economical and aesthetically appealing, they simply aren’t designed to hold up against the elements like alternative materials can. Over a short period of time, they’ll begin to weather and deteriorate resulting in the start of years of expensive maintenance.

When you’re looking for a long-lasting, maintenance-free fence, consider vinyl or simulated stone privacy fences.

Both kinds will enhance your space in an instant, while also providing you with years of hassle-free enjoyment.

Let’s take a look at what sets our vinyl and stone fencing apart from the rest.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

If you desire a privacy fence that looks great but doesn’t require a significant commitment in terms of upkeep, you will not go wrong with vinyl fencing.

Whether your style leans more toward the modern or you’d like to stick with the tried-and-true traditional look, we’ve got you covered.

All of our vinyl fences are Bufftech brand, manufactured by industry-leading CertainTeed.

We’re proud to offer different vinyl privacy fence styles. With Bufftech you can choose between smooth or woodgrain finishes across these models:

3 most popular privacy fences

  • New Lexington (really good)
  • Chesterfield Smooth (even better)
  • Chesterfield CertaGrain (the best)

All Bufftech vinyl privacy fence styles feature a limited lifetime, non-prorated, transferable warranty.  The warranty covers for a lifetime against yellowing, peeling, flaking, blistering and corroding when properly installed and when subject to normal and proper use. The warranty includes a “5-year SureStart Protection” which means CertainTeed will even cover labor costs for replacement of defective material within the first full five years after the initial installation!

Another reason to consider vinyl is that it’s resistant to weather damage and also less likely to shrink or warp like wood. In other words, once we install your fence, you can rest assured that the slats won’t separate over time, revealing unwanted spaces that could negate your privacy.

Simulated Stone Privacy Fences

Privacy Fence by CertainTeed

Another tremendous and trendy material for a privacy fence is simulated stone!

This type of fencing allows both residential and commercial clients to add the high-end look of a real stone fence to their property at a fraction of the cost. It’s also leaps and bounds easier to clean and maintain than its authentic counterpart.

We carry CertainTeed’s Allegheny Simulated Stone Fencing, regarded by many in the industry as the benchmark of style and sophistication. The Allegheny is made of polyethylene; it’s durable and able to stand up against anything, all while looking nearly identical to a real granite wall!

Made of polyethylene and reinforced with galvanized steel tubing, our simulated stone fencing mirrors the look and feel of real granite, at a fraction of the cost.

When you invest in simulated stone, you’ll not only greatly enhance the look of your property, but you’ll also enjoy all of the benefits provided by the CertainTeed’s Allegheny line, which includes:

  • Fade resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Sound-proofing
  • Thermal stability
  • Graffiti resistance

With a simulated stone fence, pass-through visibility is eliminated. Without any slats in place, you don’t have to worry about any unwanted guests peering through or traveling between property lines. You’ll simply see a gorgeous stone wall, which adds a substantial
amount of style to any space.

Consider simulated stone to enhance your yard with the innovative alternative to masonry.

Steps to Take Before Installing a Privacy Fence

Privacy Fence by CertainTeed

Now that you may have taken the first step in deciding the kind of material you want to use for your privacy fence, we recommend that before you start, you know exactly where your property lines are. Also, we recommend discussing your plans with your neighbors. Not only is this courteous, but if the installation crew needs to access their property during the process, they’ll have a head’s up beforehand.

Finally, if you live in a neighborhood, check with your Homeowner’s Association (HOA) before moving forward. Your HOA might have certain standards in place that will dictate the specifics of your privacy fence, including:

  • How high it can be
  • What material you can use
  • Where you can place it

Once you’re cleared, you can go ahead and start brainstorming your fencing style, and we’d love to be part of that conversation! With a free onsite estimate, we can bring many samples for you to see and feel.

Ready To Talk with a Privacy Fence Company?

When it comes to fencing, we’re St. Louis’ trusted privacy fence company. And while we offer almost every type of privacy fence, what’s most important is longevity and durability.

To this end, vinyl or stone options are preferable. Not only are they built to withstand years of weather and wear, but their designs also offer the least amount of visibility, allowing you to achieve maximum security and property protection.

If you’re interested in learning more about these privacy fences, we’d love to connect.

We’ve been serving customers across Missouri and Illinois as a privacy fence company since 1994, and we’d love to help you with installing a privacy fence for your home or business.

To start, request a free estimate. We’d love to learn more about your project and help guide you toward the right privacy fence for your specific needs. You plan the backyard barbecues and parties as we got your privacy fence covered.

Not yet convinced?  Dig deeper with The Ultimate Guide to Fencing!

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