Privacy Fence Designs and Styles – A Guide To Designing a Quiet Place

Privacy Fences

In today’s busy and hectic world, our homes need to be the place to escape and feel relaxed. You want your home to have the privacy and calm that are so hard to come by, particularly in our day and age. Looking at privacy fence designs may be the answer.

If you are in the home buying market, a backyard with an outdoor space is most likely high on your list of priorities. You’re most likely looking at Zillow for a home with a backyard that has great promise. You also want your backyard to be stylish and inviting.

Have you considered a privacy fence for your yard?

Privacy fences are designed to help to create the feel of an oasis in your backyard. Read on to learn about privacy fences and discover styles of privacy fences for your St. Louis backyard.

Purpose of a Privacy Fence

A fence, in general, can serve three purposes.

They can be decorative. Many beautiful backyard gardens are built around decorative fences made from rocks, bricks, aluminum, and vinyl.

A fence can provide a functional purpose. If you have a pet, you want to contain, you will want a fence to enclose your space. If you have a backyard swimming pool, you’re required by law to have a functional fence to keep people from coming into your pool uninvited or having a terrible accident.

Fences can also get put up to create a wall of privacy around your yard. They keep your nosy neighbor from monitoring your every move. They give you a space that’s enclosed and private for both quiet time and social gatherings.

Types of Fence Materials

Once you have decided on having a fence installed by your St. Louis fence company, to continue exploring privacy fence designs, you need to decide on what kind of fence you want.

Let’s focus on privacy fences.

When you have to decide what type of fence material you want your privacy fence made from, there is a good variety.

The most common and most popular materials for privacy fences are vinyl, simulated wood, and stone. When selecting fencing materials, you want to consider how the materials look like on a privacy fence. What kind of design options does it provide?

You also want to consider how much maintenance will be required for the materials you select. With a privacy fence, you most likely don’t want to spend all your time maintaining it. Remember, privacy fences have more surface area, so selecting something that is low maintenance is important, such as vinyl, simulated stone, or even simulated wood.

Privacy Fence Designs & Materials

Types of Privacy Fences

When thinking about privacy fence styles, you want to consider what it’s made of and how it looks. You want to choose something that fits the aesthetic of your backyard.

You also want to consider any fence regulations you might need to abide by!

  • Does your town or city have code regulations on fence height?
  • Does your neighborhood association have any particular fence rules?

Let’s take a closer look at some fence types and styles you might consider for a privacy fence for your backyard.

Vinyl Privacy Fencing

When it comes to privacy fence designs, vinyl is one of the most popular options for privacy fencing. It creates a nice wall of privacy, and it’s low maintenance too. There are a variety of stylish vinyl options to consider.

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New Lexington FenceNew Lexington Vinyl Fence

The New Lexington privacy fence design is both economical and popular. Giving you options for design, it comes in the colors of both white and almond. The fence can be ordered in heights that include 4′, 5′, and 6′, and you can get it as a solid fence or with lattice and victorian accents.

The New Lexington design features Bufftech’s signature “V” groove pickets and a deco rail design. It also can be adapted if you have a hilly yard allowing you to “rack” down sloped areas in your yard. This uncomplicated design feature can be installed professionally or is manageable for the DIY installer if you know what you are doing.

Chesterfield Smooth FenceChesterfield Smooth

The Chesterfield Smooth vinyl fence has many desirable features. It comes in 4 color choices, including Almond, Clay, Grey, and white. This model is tested to withstand the high winds often found in and around St. Louis. Despite its smooth, solid surface, it can withstand winds up to 115 miles per hour.

The fence features a 2″ x 6″ deco top rail and a bottom rail reinforced with galvanized steel. This will prevent any sagging from the weight of the fence.

This fence also has several decorative top features available to add to the fence. These include:

  • Lattice Accent
  • Victorian Accent
  • Huntington Accent
  • Westminster Accent

The 5′ and 6′ heights of the Chesterfield Smooth are great options if you have a backyard pool.

Chesterfield Certagrain FenceChesterfield CertaGrain

The Chesterfield CertaGrain privacy fence offers the many aesthetic and design benefits of the Chesterfield Smooth – but with the look of wood. The CertaGrain offers a real-wood appearance while still getting all the benefits of low maintenance vinyl.

This fence comes in white, almond, and clay colors. It also comes in 9? other blended colors to give you a wood look you desire.

Colors include:

  • Arbor Blend
  • Almond
  • Arctic Blend
  • Brazilian Blend
  • Natural Clay
  • Sierra Blend
  • Weathered Blend
  • White
  • Frontier Blend
  • Timber Blend

There are also several options for top rails available.

Galveston FenceGalveston

If you want a taller fence than some of the other options, the Galveston might be the one for you.

It can be used for residential and commercial properties that want the ultimate in privacy.

The Galveston privacy fence comes in 7′ or 8′ heights. Or you can get it with the Victorian Accent at 6’8″ privacy plus 1’4″ accent.

Colors include Almond and White.

The Galveston can also withstand the high St. Louis winds. It’s made with a 2″ x 6″ deco top and bottom rails, and a 2″ x 6″ non-deco mid-rail.

Galveston CertainGrain FenceGalveston CertaGrain

In the Galveston CertaGrain you get all of the benefits of Galveston’s height, plus the great wood-look features of the CertaGrain. It comes in 7 color choices. Each offers ColorLast® fade protection.

The Galveston CertaGrain comes in 7′ and 8′ heights adding that extra element of privacy from the higher fence line. Like the previous Galveston option, it can withstand high wind loads. It is also made from 2″ x 6″ channeled top and bottom rails, and a 2″ x 6″ mid-rail.

Colors in the Galveston include:

  • Natural Clay
  • Weathered Blend
  • Frontier Blend
  • ARbor Blend
  • Arctic Blend
  • Brazilian Blend
  • Sierra Blend
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Privacy Fence Styles Include The Look of Real Stone and Wood Grain

Do you love the look of a wood fence? Or maybe you’re hooked on the romantic, nostalgic look of a stone fence. Both of these options can be both expensive and require a fair amount of maintenance.

Certainteed Simulated Stone Fencing gives you just what you’re looking for. It gives you the look of real wood or granite stone but instead is made from polyethylene.

Features of this fence include:

  • Fade and impact resistance
  • Thermal stability
  • Soundproofing characteristics
  • Graffiti resistance

Let’s take a closer look at two options.

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CertainTeed Allegheny Stone FenceCertainteed Allegheny™ Stone Fencing

Certainteed Allegheny™ Stone Fencing is a simulated stone fencing. It comes in 6 color choices and heights from 3′ to 12′.

This fence gets made from the same polyethylene that is used to build Little Tikes™ playground equipment.

It gives you the look of a real-life granite wall fence without the cost, complicated installation, or maintenance.

CertainTeed Sherwood Woodgrain FenceCertainteed Sherwood™ Woodgrain Fencing

If you desire the look and texture of an authentic wood fence, you should consider the Certainteed Sherwood™ Wood Grain Fencing.

It provides both the look and the feel without the upkeep required of a real wood fence.

It comes in five color tones with heights from 4′ to 8′.

Semi-Privacy Fences

There are several semi-privacy fences worth consideration too. While they don’t have the reliable wall feature of other previous privacy fences, they do offer significant privacy still—many like the texture and pattern provided by a semi-private fence.

Let’s take a closer look at a few options.

Imperial Semi Private FenceImperial Semi-Private Fencing

Imperial semi-private fences offer the best in privacy for those that also love the look of a traditional picket fence. The Imperial comes in 12 color options, including Almond Smooth, Almond Texture, Arbor Blend, Arctic Blend, Brazilian Blend, Clay Smooth, Clay Texture, Frontier Blend, Sierra Blend, Timber Blend, Weathered Blend, and White Smooth.

While almost nearly a private fence, the Imperial’s made from a 7/8″ x 3″ picket with a 7/16″ spacing between the pickets. It allows for some air movement between the pickets. The 4′, 5′, and 6′ versions are suitable for most swimming pool codes in the St.Louis area.

There are two other semi-privacy fences available in Millbrook and Columbia.

Privacy Fence Designs to Create your Backyard Oasis

With all these privacy fence designs to choose from, the hardest decision will be which one you like best. Use these privacy fence ideas to create a backyard that offers privacy for your family to gather, relax, and enjoy your outdoor space without the eyes of neighbors peeking in.

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