Maintenance-Free Fencing Defined: Durability and Style

maintenance-free fencing defined

Maintenance-Free Fencing Defined

Hands-down, if you live in or around St. Louis, maintenance-free fencing is the best investment you can make, now and into the future.

You may not have heard of maintenance-free fencing before, but you have almost certainly seen it.  St. Louis, MO is big on maintenance-free fencing.  Take a ride around any neighborhood, and you are bound to see many maintenance-free fencing installations.

At homes and business everywhere maintenance-free fencing, decking, and railing provide the kind of durability and style that are impossible to get from the alternatives. Use this quick guide to learn, everything you need to know about maintenance-free fencing, so you can see for yourself as you consider it for your next home enhancement project.

What is Maintenance-Free Fencing?

Most fencing is made from wood, and while it’s an attractive material it lacks the kind of durability to be long lasting. Maintenance-free fencing is made from vinyl instead. Vinyl is a highly adaptable material that can be crafted into a number of styles in a wide range of color options. Better still, it lasts for years and years without showing signs of its age.

maintenance-free fencingThat means you can enjoy a great looking fence without having to constantly spend more on home improvements. Other types of maintenance-free fencing are made of aluminum or ornamental steel and share many of the same upsides.  A drive around any St. Louis, MO neighborhood provides you with real examples of each maintenance-free fencing type.

What are the Benefits of Maintenance-Free Fencing?

First and foremost, durability. The elements take a toll on your fence, and if it’s not getting actively damage by wind, rain, and the sun it is definitely showing signs of wear and tear. Since maintenance-free fencing is made of vinyl, it can stand up to those harsh elements and still look
long after it’s first installed.

That is great news for home and business owners that care about how their fence looks but don’t want to constantly be painting and patching.

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What Are My Options for Maintenance-Free Fencing?

You have lots of them although we find that vinyl is highly adaptable as it can be made to look like a number of other materials, including stone and wood. It comes in a huge range or colors, is not limited by size or weight, and fits into any setting. That makes maintenance-free fencing an exciting option anywhere and everywhere.

Count on the St. Louis Fence Professionals for Maintenance-Free Fencing

If you live in St. Louis, MO, and the surrounding area, why not upgrade to maintenance-free fencing? Your home or business will immediately look better, you will increase your property values, and you won’t have to spend much in the process.  At Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions we have a large inventory of maintenance-free fencing and railing and offer professional installation services too.

So whether you’re a DIY’er and looking for parts, or need full service, you can count on Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions to help.

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