Popular Landscape Ideas to Accentuate Your Yard

Landscape ideas

Installing yard fencing is just the first step to creating the outdoor oasis of your dreams. The right landscaping design can take you away from the world beyond your fence – where you can relax surrounded by beautiful plants, soothing water features and refreshing shade trees. And just as satisfying, it can bump up your home’s curb appeal and its resale value!

Wow Your Neighbors with These Landscape Ideas

Whether you’re firing up your own green thumb or working with a professional landscaper, you need to develop a comprehensive landscaping plan before jumping in. To get started, consider integrating some of the most popular landscape ideas among St. Louis homeowners:

Create a Focal Point

Structures like trellises, gazebos, and arches or tall shrubs and ornamental grasses, such as Canada wild rye or Blue Fescue, are even more impactful when combined with decorative plants and flowers. If there’s a feature or plant you truly love, start with that and then build your landscaping plan around it. For ideas, check out the Missouri Botanical Garden’s recommended grasses and vines for Midwest homeowners.

Blend Ornamentals with Edibles

Love a garden but don’t want to invest the time? One of the hottest trends today is tying together traditional landscaping flowers and plants with eye-catching herbs and vegetables. Edibles like basil, berries, and lavender add interest and also keep your kitchen stocked throughout the summer. You can also consider vertical gardens, which give your outdoor fence and walls an extra pop of color.

Go Native

While many homeowners want to integrate a variety of plants into their landscaping, sticking with plants native to Missouri and Illinois is often a better option. Because the plants easily adapt to our climate and soil, they require less water, pesticides, and maintenance, which is better for the environment and your schedule. Consider colorful options like black-eyed Susans, columbines, and purple clovers.

Bring the Indoors Outdoors

According to the American Society of Landscape Artists, the top outdoor landscape trends for homeowners are fire pits and fireplaces. More and more St. Louis families are integrating natural stone, river rock or brick fireplaces into their patio and landscaping projects in order to get the most usage from their outdoor living space. Whether you choose in-ground or above ground, rustic or contemporary, there’s a style of a fireplace as unique as you are.

Go Green

Instead of depending on your sprinkler system, incorporate attention-grabbing rain barrels, retaining walls and other features that collect storm and rain water. Other options can include rain gardens or bioswales, which collect runoff water and remove the pollution and silt before it’s distributed to the surrounding vegetation.

A Design to Compliment Your Fencing

maintain advantageYour backyard oasis just got one step closer with this list of landscape ideas. Immersing yourself in natural scenery is one of the best things you can do for your physical and emotional health. And having the ability to enjoy it in your own backyard is just icing on the cake!

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