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People are often finding themselves “on the fence.” We sell and install a lot of fencing in St. Louis, and we hear this a lot:

I need a fence for my dog, but I can’t decide between a regular fence and an invisible fence.

There are a few things you should consider before you choose the right fence for your home. Here are just 3 questions to ask yourself when comparing invisible fence vs. regular fence:

1. What’s most important — keeping my dog in, or keeping other dogs (and anything else) out?

Invisible fences (also called “electric fences”) are often advertised as a worry-free solution, but the fact remains: They’re good at keeping dogs in, but they don’t keep anything else out. If you’re worried about another dog or animal getting in your yard and potentially hurting Fido…you probably want to consider a ‘regular,’ physical fence. A traditional physical fence system such as a vinyl or aluminum fence is designed to keep Fido close to home… and other dogs and animals away.

>> Pro Tip: Consider your neighborhood. Do you live in a remote or wooded area where wild animals could potentially get in your yard? What about other dogs? Are you at all worried about strangers or kids aggravating your pets? These types of questions can help you decide between an invisible fence and a regular, traditional fence.

2. What kind of cost and maintenance will the fence require?

A traditional fence will generally cost more upfront than an invisible fence though professional invisible fence installation and training can get very expensive very quickly. But there are some maintenance costs involved with electric fences — you’ll need to buy replacement batteries for each dog collar every few months. Especially with more than one dog, that can add up to a couple of hundred dollars every year.

On the other hand, if you choose a maintenance-free fencing material like aluminum or vinyl, there is virtually no maintenance required. Vinyl, aluminum, and ornamental steel fencing is extremely durable and resists the elements, leaving you with more time to enjoy your yard (and time with Fido).

3. Do I want a fence that increases the resale value of my home?

Invisible fence systems typically don’t add much — if any — resale value to your home. When done right, a regular fence does. A wooden privacy fence, for instance, can add some resale value to your home (much, much more than an unattractive chain link fence). But you can get a much bigger return on your investment by installing a vinyl, aluminum or steel fence that’s durable, resists the elements, and is practically maintenance-free.

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