Installing a Chain Link Fence

Residential chain link fence used to be a popular fencing option in the metro St. Louis area. Many homeowners chose it because it’s cheap, easy to install, and well, everyone else was using it. But installing a chain link fence is no longer the preferred choice of residential fencing.

Take time to do some research about chain link fencing before making your move, and you’ll discover a maintenance-free fencing option is a better choice, aesthetically, and financially.

The Cons of Investing and Installing a Chain Link Fence in Your Backyard

Watch the rust. St. Louis’s rainy springs and autumns will cause your chain link to rust and discolor. That means you’ll need to either replace the broken parts or remove the rust with a wire brush and refinish the chain link with a rust-resistant paint, both of which take time and money.

A lack of design options. Let’s face it. Chain link hasn’t evolved much past its industrial or prison yard vibe over the past few decades. Vinyl-coated fencing offers more color choices, but design-wise, you’re limited. Vinyl, simulated stone, aluminum, and ornamental steel, on the other hand, allow you to find a look that better complements your home and shows off your personal style.

Need help finding an alternative to chain link fencing? Check out, “Types of Fences: Fencing for Your St. Louis Home,” and make sure you have considered all your options.

Reduced privacy and safety. Chain link is good at keeping kids and pets in your backyard, but it does little to keep people from peeking in. If privacy is at the top of your want-list, go for a simulated stone or vinyl privacy fence over chain link. In addition, chain link is incredibly appealing for kids – and large dogs – to climb over, while its sharp edges put your family at risk of scratches and cuts.

Limited life span. On average, you can expect your chain link fence to last 15 years. While it’s more durable than an alternative like wood, it’s especially prone to sagging due to loose posts or stretched tension wires. Your gate, in particular, is at risk when rust or frequent use compromise its hinges. To protect the integrity of your fence, expect to budget for a number of repairs over the next few years. Or contact us, Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions, for an alternative that will save you time and money in the long run.maintain advantage

It offers a lower resale value than other fencing. If you don’t want to have to maintain your fence, neither will potential buyers. Plus, in almost all St.Louis neighborhoods, chain look can quickly lower your home’s curb appeal when surrounding homes feature modern, high-end vinyl or aluminum fencing. In fact, the right maintenance-free fence can boost your home’s selling cost considerably!

Take the Smarter Route with Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions

While chain link continues to live on in St. Louis’s older neighborhoods, homeowners are recognizing the benefits of replacing this outdated fencing with modern fencing options. By choosing Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions as your fencing partner, you don’t have to worry about how to install a fence or feeling shopper’s remorse after it’s in place. We offer a full line of fencing alternatives to chain link that are not only attractive and affordable but also installed by our team of professionals.

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