How Matte Fencing Compares to Wood Fencing

Matte Fencing

Matte Fencing Does What Wood Fencing Can’t

Decide if this is the best available choice for your new fence

You may not have heard of matte fencing before, but you have surely seen it at homes and businesses around your neighborhood. Matte fencing is essentially a vinyl or aluminum fence that has a matte finish. That means it’s available in a wide range of colors and styles, including many that perfectly mimic the look of wood. So is it worth it to go with matte fencing instead of wood? We think so, and here’s why:

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Lower Cost

In many cases, matte fencing that looks like wood is less expensive than fencing actually made from wood. This is especially true if you use an exotic type of wood. The upfront cost is lower, and as you will soon see, the long-term cost is lower as well. With matte fencing, you can get the same look and feel at a fraction of the price – the goal of any smart renovation project.

Versatile Style Options

Matte fencing is available in almost every color imaginable and in a number of styles the mimic wood grain. That gives you lots of design choices to work with and makes it easy to match your new fence to the look of the rest of your home. Wood fencing is simply not this versatile, and trying to match paint and stain options to other features of your home can prove to be a frustrating challenge.

Little to No Maintenance

This is what really separates matte fencing from wood fencing. The simple fact is that wood fencing is not especially durable. It fades in the sun, gets weathered by the snow and rain, harbors damaging mold and bugs, and can easily get blown over in a storm. In most cases, keeping a wood fence looking good requires yearly maintenance, and full replacement will be an eventual Princeton BTnecessity. Matte fencing, by contrast, is sturdy and durable, able to withstand the elements, and requires little if any maintenance. It also looks better for a lot longer.

Easily Adaptable

If your fence needs to travel over dips and hills or accommodate unusual terrain, matte fencing makes it easy to get the job done. This highly adaptable option takes much of the work out of a difficult fence installation. The same can’t be said for wood fencing. Even professional fencing contractors often struggle to make wood fencing work in a yard that is not consistently flat.


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Why pay more for a wood fence just to get less? Matte fencing is clearly the superior option, which is why wood fencing is quickly becoming a style of the past. Find a huge inventory of matte fencing options and the expert assistance you need to make the right choice at Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions. Get a free estimate today, and discover just how affordable matte fencing can be.

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