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What to Look for when Finding a Fence Company in St. Louis, MO

fencing company in st. louis

How to Find a Fencing Company You Can Trust

The quality of your fence depends on the quality of your contractor. Even if you are handy at home improvement, putting up a new fence can be a challenge. It’s a big project, and minor mistakes can compromise the entire fence. Many people prefer to rely on a fencing contractor and get the assurance that comes from professional construction. So how do you find a fencing company in St. Louis, MO that you can trust to do the work right? Look for these four qualities:

Exclusive Use of Top-Quality Materials

Some fencing contractors will try to cut costs and cut corners by relying on subpar materials. And while that might save you some money on the front end it will cost you a lot more as your fence wears out and breaks down faster. You should only work with a fencing contractor that is committed to using the best available materials. A really good one can find ways to get you these premium materials for less.

Experience and Demonstrated Excellence

The only true way to get good at installing fences it to do it over and over again. Lots of upstart fencing contractors will claim to have the expertise that it takes only to encounter unfamiliar circumstances they are not simply equipped to handle. Look for a contractor that has hundreds, even thousands of successful installations on their record and the satisfied customers to prove it.

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Knowledge of Local Ordinances and Codes

Your fencing project is subject to various local ordinances and codes that vary from county to county. It’s imperative to abide by these regulations in order to avoid costly fees/penalties and eliminate red tape when you go to sell your property. In addition to local laws, your neighborhood organization may regulate the way you handle your fencing project. The fence company you choose to work with should have expertise with all the rules you’re subject to and ensure that your projected is completed within the strict letter of the law.

Prices that are Fair

Remember that the lowest price is not necessarily the best price. Fencing contractors often undercut each other to earn jobs and then turn in poor quality work because the stakes are so low. Instead, look for a contractor that is competitively priced and committed to fair pricing. The price you are quoted at the start should represent the full price you will pay without any hidden fees.

Excellence in Service and Support

When you hire a fencing contractor, you are inviting an unfamiliar group to visit your home. You want to know that they will treat you and your property with the utmost respect from start to finish. Once the job is done, they should also be fully willing to offer your ongoing support if you have questions, concerns, or unexpected issues.

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Tim Kelley

With over four decades in the St. Louis fencing industry, Tim Kelly leads Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions as its President. He is renowned for his commitment to quality, ethics, and community involvement.

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