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Why Simulated Stone Fencing?

With proprietary materials and a patented construction process, SimTek Fence sets the standard for simulated stone fencing — and Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions is proud to sell and install what we refer to as “The Greatest Looking Fence on the Planet.”

Made of polyethylene and reinforced with galvanized steel, SimTek fencing mirrors the look and feel of real granite at a fraction of the cost. High durability and resistance to the elements and everyday wear and tear makes simulated stone fences a great investment for those looking to add superior style and privacy to their home.

5 Advantages of Simulated Stone Fencing

  1. Maintenance-Free Unlike traditional fencing materials like wood and wrought iron, simulated stone fencing is virtually maintenance-free and never requires painting or staining. SimTek fences will not fade, warp, or crack in the elements.
  2. Style – We don’t call it “The Greatest Looking Fence on the Planet” for nothing. SimTek simulated stone fences replicate the look and texture of solid granite, and are available in six colors: brown, beige, gray, dark brown, desert, and black.
  3. Privacy – SimTek simulated stone fences offer privacy and excellent sound-proofing.
  4. Durability – All simulated stone fencing carried by Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions are extremely durable, withstanding extreme temperatures and even sustained hurricane-force winds. UV12 inhibitors in SimTek’s proprietary polyethylene blend ensure minimal to no fading.
  5. Peace of Mind – Maintenance-Free’s selection of SimTek simulated stone fences come with industry-leading warranties.

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