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The St. Louis region offers an unmatched variety of neighborhoods, communities, and municipalities. Whether you live in a 19th-century-row house in Lafayette Square, a ranch house in Hazelwood, or a renovated farmhouse in Jefferson County, you want the same things for your home and family as your fellow St. Louisans – security, privacy, and comfort, and all at a price you can afford.

Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions stocks a lineup of premium, industry-leading fencing that perfectly fits your home and neighborhood as well as your budget. Best of all, our fences provide remarkable benefits every homeowner in St. Louis longs for.

10 Benefits of Having Fencing in St. Louis

No matter your needs, maintenance-free fencing can help you live a safer, more comfortable life in your St. Louis home. Here are just a few ways you can take advantage of our fence options.

  1. Protect your privacy. It’s always been said good fences make good neighbors. In St. Louis City, your next door neighbors are often at arm’s reach. And in the county where new communities continue to pop up, the distance between homes isn’t much better. A privacy fence helps give you an extra level of solitude so you can play, work, or catch some extra rays, without the snooping eyes of your neighbors taking tabs.
  2. Boost your resale value. The St. Louis housing market is one of the hottest in the country thanks to our low cost of living and start-up business growth. To make your house stand out in an ultra-competitive market and increase your property value, install high-quality, low-maintenance fencing home buyers crave. Privacy fences constructed from vinyl or simulated stone can put a substantial amount of your investment back in your pocket when your house is sold.
  3. Keep out the critters and keep in your pets. St. Louis’s deer families are beautiful to look at – as long as they stay out of our yards. For homeowners in the suburbs where deer roam the streets, a six- to eight-foot tall fence can keep these majestic creatures from turning your flower beds and gardens into giant buffets. In addition, pet owners can keep their dogs safe and in their backyards thanks to a maintenance-free fence that prevents them from climbing over or digging under.
  4. Take Mother Nature head-on. Unlike wood fences which can splinter and fade or chain link fences that rust and chip, maintenance-free fence options like ornamental aluminum and steel, vinyl, and simulated stone stand up to St. Louis’s icy winters, rainy springs, and blazing-hot summers. Plus, their strength and durability mean they’re less likely to lean or bow when winds and storms stop in for a visit.
  5. Increase your family’s safety. Different types of fencing can be used to protect your littlest family members. Fences keep your kids from running out into the street, provide an impenetrable barrier around swimming pools, and offer protection against stray dogs or wildlife. You can rest easy when your children head to the great outdoors of your backyard.
  6. Enhance the look of your home. Fences are the perfect way to accessorize your home and dress up your curb appeal. In neighborhoods like Soulard and the Central West End, ornamental steel and aluminum fencing blend perfectly with historic brick homes. In areas like Arnold and Chesterfield where modern homes are the norm, simulated stone and vinyl give residences an eye-catching pop. With a variety of styles, colors, and accessories available, you’re only limited by your imagination.
  7. Keep insurance rates in check. Fencing is an excellent deterrent against theft and break-ins. Burglars are less like to enter your home if they can’t see inside or if they have to go through an extra step to get in, reducing potential theft claims. Moreover, installing a fence around your pool lowers your risk of a liability, which means lower insurance rates.
  8. Enjoy the best St. Louis has to offer. During the summer, you can spend your days listening to the Redbirds on the radio instead of staining, painting and repairing your fence – as long as you choose a maintenance-free option. PVC vinyl fencing, for instance, lasts decades and requires zero upkeep other than a quick spray with a power washer. That means more time for two St. Louis favorites – BBQ and baseball!
  9. Sound proof your yard. Busy streets crisscross the St. Louis region, which means traffic noises are a way of life for many homeowners. In more urban, entertainment districts like The Grove or University City sounds from the clubs and bars can fill the air as well. Simulated stone fencing, which mimics the look of granite, is an excellent way to keep external noise in your backyard to a minimum while offering enhanced privacy and safety. Plus, it’s graffiti resistant, so any tagging can be easily removed.
  10. Get peace of mind without the high cost. Remember what we said about St. Louis having a low cost of living? That extends to fencing as well. The cost to build a fence in the region is a lot less than you might think, especially when you choose fencing from Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions. We offer the top fencing brands in the industry at a price within your budget. Plus, our fences are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and our own satisfaction guarantee.

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As a fencing company based in Arnold, Missouri, Maintenance-Free Outdoor Solutions understands St. Louis in a way big box stores and out-of-town fence companies just can’t. We know our local neighborhoods and identify with the design challenges and opportunities each one faces. And after battling our Midwestern weather for years, we know which fencing types are best for homeowners who want limited maintenance but desire unlimited style.

Go local by learning about the Maintenance-Free Advantage and turn your house into the home you always dreamed of with high-quality fencing options that are incredibly affordable and professionally installed.


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